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Should not be missed! E3 2021 “SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS SUMMER SHOWCASE” release content is unified!

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A lot of new information! Consolidation of published content!

Of course, the news that has been released beforehand is indispensable, and the most anticipated is the surprise announcement!

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

On sale on October 26, 2021 (Tuesday)!
Corresponding game platform hasPS4、PS5、Xbox One、Xbox Series S|X、PC, Is currently open for pre-order!
For details, please see the official website to confirm!
At the same time, an exclusive interview with the development team andThe first public video gameplay on the real machine


The super masterpiece of the initial stage of the “FINAL FANTASY” seriesI ~ VI, Determined to build with the latest technology2D pixel reproduction
“DRAGON QUEST III HD-2D Remake”, which is also a work by Square Enix, was released a few days ago, but this time it is not HD-2D but “Pixel Remake”. What is it about? Looking forward to it!
Corresponding game platformSteam、iOS、Android

Legend of Mana

Expected to be released on June 24, 2021 (Thursday)The opening movie of the HD remake of “Legend of Mana” is released!
Those who want to save the fun until the official release, please watch carefully!

Marvel’s Avengers Expansion: Black Panther | War for Wakanda

Additional content for “Marvel’s Avengers”The movie trailer of “Black Panther | War for Wakanda” has been released!
And officially publishedYou can play without additional fees

Hitman Sniper: The Shadows

iOS and Android platform games,It is expected to be officially released in 2021!
Official Twitter (@HitmanSniperOG)New videos are expected to be released, Don’t forget to track it!

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NieR Re[in]carnation

“NieR Re[in]”Carnation”, the official international version will be released next.
And publish the videos registered in advance.


Japan held the cooperation event of “FFBE Phantom War” and FF1, which was held in 2020 and re-launched from February to March 2021. The official announcement will be from June 16, 2021 (Wed) to July 13, 2021. (2) Held overseas in Japan.


The 5th anniversary film of “FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS” is released.


The SEP trailer of “FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER” is released.


Square Enix × Platinum StudioThe action RPG jointly created “BABYLON’S FALL》The new trailer is open!
The corresponding game platform isPS4、PS5、Steam
The developer interview is also open at the same time, it seems like“NieR: Automata” action hack and slash game! It must be fun!
At present, the official is recruiting participants for the packaging and testing. If you are interested, please see the official website of “BABYLON’S FALL” to confirm!

Life is Strange Remastered Collection

Masterpiece“Life is Strange” with a more exquisite remakecame back!
“Life is Strange Remastered Collection” is expected to be released on September 30, 2021 (Thursday).The release date in Japan has not yet been determined

Life is Strange: True Colors

The latest work in the official public series “Life is Strange: True Colors“A super power movie of the protagonist Alex.
“Life is Strange: True Colors” will beOn sale on September 10, 2021 (Friday)

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Square EnixversusKOEI TECMO GAMES-like Team NINJAJointly develop and buildThe latest work in the “FINAL FANTASY” series
There is “ORIGIN” in the title and it is also called “Garland“The characters appear on the stage, is it possible that the content is related to FF1? Very much looking forward to it!
The corresponding game platform isPS4、PS5、Xbox One、Xbox Series S|X、PC, Expected atReleased in 2022
itsPS5 trial versionThe download experience will be available on June 14, 2021 (Mon)! PS5 players, hurry up and try it out!

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