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Smoking foods, these flavorings are carcinogenic: EFSA warns

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Smoking foods, these flavorings are carcinogenic: EFSA warns

“EFSA Warns Consumers of Genotoxicity Risks in Smoke Flavorings for Foods”

The use of flavorings for smoking potentially carcinogenic foods has come under scrutiny once again. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has recently issued a warning regarding the health risks associated with certain smoke flavorings used to give foods their characteristic smoky aroma and flavor.

While smoked foods are highly prized for their flavor, not all foods that have the aroma of burnt wood are smoked in the traditional way. Many of these foods are treated with flavorings, which are additives added to enhance their flavor. However, the EFSA has highlighted potential genotoxicity risks associated with eight smoke flavorings used to flavor meat, fish, cheese, and other foods.

Smoke flavorings are complex mixtures that give foods the scent and flavor of burnt wood. They are regulated differently than other types of flavorings used in the food sector due to the safety problems they present.

In 2009, EFSA experts had previously raised safety concerns about the levels of use of these additives. Despite the European Union authorizing the use of these additives with stringent limits, a recent evaluation by the EFSA has revealed that the risk of genotoxicity cannot be excluded for six of the eight smoke flavorings examined. For the other two additives, safety problems could not be ruled out due to a lack of data.

Genotoxicity is the ability of a substance to damage the genetic material of cells, potentially leading to the development of serious health issues such as cancer or other genetic diseases. As a result of their findings, the European Commission and the Member States will take EFSA’s conclusions into account when making decisions on the possible renewal of the authorization of the additives in question.

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Consumers are advised to read food labels carefully and choose smoked foods, such as smoked salmon, that are naturally flavored and free from potentially harmful additives. The EFSA’s warning serves as a reminder for consumers to be mindful of the potential health risks associated with flavorings used in smoked foods.

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