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Sony’s new INZONE series gaming headset H9, H7 and H3 out of the box use and share

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Sony’s new INZONE series gaming headset H9, H7 and H3 out of the box use and share

Sony’s new INZONE series gaming headsets H9, H7 and H3 are on sale today (7/12)! The Sony INZONE gaming headset series is based on exclusive and profound acoustic technology, delivering the rich sound effects in the game as if you were on the scene. In addition, it is equipped with a new 360-degree spatial sound effect to reproduce the two-channel stereo audio and 7.1-channel to accurately identify the sound position. , and can make personal optimization settings through supporting software to bring a unique game experience! This time, we borrowed these three earphones for the first time, to briefly introduce their features and differences, and how to choose them!

INZONE H9 and H7 support wireless Bluetooth function, with the included USB transceiver for 2.4GHz wireless connection, perfect support for PS5 game consoles; through the sophisticated low-latency algorithm, it can support more synchronous audio listening, allowing players to play more in the game. The instant response is preemptive, and the long-term battery life (H9 supports 32 hours / off noise reduction, H7 supports 40 hours) allows players to play games without interruption. The INZONE H9 also inherits the noise reduction technology of the Sony 1000X series headphones, which can screen out all kinds of interference in the real environment and focus on the personal gaming world; the Sony INZONE gaming headset series simultaneously supports the clear call function and is certified by Discord, equipped with intuitive Function key operation and comfortable wearing design provide PC and PlayStation players with a more immersive new gaming experience.

The Sony INZONE gaming headset series is equipped with a pendant microphone to clearly transmit call messages, and is simultaneously certified by Discord to be compatible with its communication services

The INZONE H9 and H7 series use a new diaphragm with a unique shape to truly reproduce the extremely high audio and deep bass sound effects in the game, restore all the sound details in the game situation, and bring a new immersive experience; all series of ear shells are The air duct is designed to control and optimize the bass performance, so that players can feel the magnificent and exciting scene more; the INZONE gaming headset series is equipped with 360-degree spatial sound effects, which can be simulated by a meticulous algorithm to create 7.1 sound for ordinary two-channel headphones. The high-quality surround sound field, coupled with the rigorous hardware technology test, allows players to receive the precise sound direction, even the tiny sound can be clearly conveyed, perceive a more realistic game space, and assist in accurately judging the enemy’s coming and going direction. Distance helps with sharp real-time response to win; players can also launch the INZONE Hub software through the PC to adjust the equalizer and sound effects according to personal preferences, or obtain the 360 ​​Spatial Sound Personaliser app through the smartphone to detect the most suitable ear shape. Optimize personal spatial sound performance.

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Sony INZONE H9 /H7 / H3 out of the box

Because H9 and H7 only have noise reduction function, the appearance is very close to the box; while H3 has the same size and appearance, but the box is smaller

Here you can see the difference in box size of the three earphones~

By the way, while equipped with innovative technology, the packaging materials of the new INZONE earphone series are all plastic-free, using recycled materials and non-woven cellulose, to practice Sony’s commitment and efforts to environmental sustainability!

This article mainly introduces H9, and he has the best sound performance and function!

The H9 and the other two earphones can be flattened and stored like this

If you use it often, I would recommend preparing a headphone storage rack for it (this is a specially made headphone rack for Sony that is not sold)

There is a halo next to the bracket, which is very gorgeous! When using a 2.4GHz connection, the white light will be constantly bright, the bluetooth connection will be blue, and the connection or pairing will be flashing, so you can know the product status at a glance!

Included USB-A to USB-C charger

The USB transceiver provides 2.4GHz wireless connection, which can greatly reduce the delay and make the sound effect perfectly connected to the picture. It is the best or even the only choice for playing games (better than Bluetooth)

The status indicator on the 2.4GHz transmitter with the USB-A interface will light up whether it is installed on a PS5 or a computer (there is a PC/PS5 switch on it; no other devices are supported!)

The H9 is comfortable to wear! The wide and soft headband-type cushion distributes the weight evenly on the head, making it comfortable to wear for a long time~

The soft-fitting leather earpads are cut according to the shape of the ear to minimize the pressure on the ears by adjusting for the best touch with the side of the head. This highly stretchable ear pad material is designed for comfort, stability and sound isolation. Different from the 1000X series earphones, the H9 does not use artificial protein earmuffs to cover the material, but the comfort is also good, but the non-air-conditioned room may feel a little stuffy when the temperature is high in summer; the 40 mm dome type (EDCCA sound) is used inside. coil) Neodymium magnet PET film, frequency response 5Hz to 20,000Hz (JEITA)

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The length of the headphone stand can also be adjusted up and down to suit users with different head sizes~

The picture above is H7, and the picture below is H9; it can be seen that the only difference is that there is one less key for the noise reduction function.

The left earcup is the main operating control, including the volume knob, noise canceling/ambient sound mode button, and mic mute. There’s also a pendant microphone and USB port available on the device, and an LED indicator is displayed when charging. The right earcup houses the game/talk balance button, as well as the power and Bluetooth buttons.

The first earmuff type H9 on the left of the picture, the second one is H7, you can see that the material used for H7 is different, I feel that it is made of polymer fiber, which is a bit cool (ha is not bad)

Stacked up to show you the difference between the two earphones ~ INZONE H9 and H7 The guide holes of the shell can control and optimize the reproduction of low frequency sound effects, bring powerful bass, and make deep sounds such as explosions and engine cranking produce incredible realism You can hear the dramatic and intense feeling brought by the surround sound of the game world!

Finally, we will introduce the most basic H3 with only wired function (corresponding to various devices with 3.5mm headphone terminal)

The material of the earmuffs is relatively ordinary, I don’t know if it is related to the sample and there is a strange smell@@”

There are only volume control buttons on the ear shell

In addition to listening to music by connecting to various devices with a 3.5mm transmission line, you can also use the included USB DAC to connect to a computer or PS5!

Easy-to-use and powerful software INZONE Hub

This software currently only supports the Windows operating system; INZONE Hub PC allows users to personalize the INZONE H9 experience with a variety of customizable operation methods, including various sound effects and hardware settings. For example, use the EQ function to fine-tune game audio for increased clarity and immersion.

There are very rich EQ adjustment functions, as well as noise reduction and volume control functions

It can also further control power standby and LED aperture lighting, and Bluetooth connection quality options~

Sony’s new INZONE series gaming headset H9, H7 and H3 experience summary

Overall, I highly recommend the Sony INZONE H9. If there is really no need for noise reduction, you can consider the H7 (which can save 1900 yuan), because the sound quality of the two is the same, and I would strongly recommend using the connection. The 2.4GHz transmitter can perfectly correspond to PS5 game consoles, and secondly, whether it is PS5 or computer playing games, it can obtain the important effect of ultra-low latency of audio, synchronizing the picture with the sound effect.

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Even when listening to music, I tested the sound with the 2.4GHz transmitter (whether it is a Win PC or a Mac), but if you want to listen to TV or mobile devices, you can only choose the Bluetooth connection. Although I don’t have any Sony 1000X series earphones, it’s not too long since I listened to the Sony WH-1000XM5 last time. I don’t think there is much difference between the sound effects and music listening performance of the H9 or H7! Or it can be said that the sound of XM5 is more detailed, while the sound of H9/H7 is more aggressive, so it can be said to be a perfect wireless headset for playing games, listening to music and watching movies!

NZONE H9 and H7 provide players with the immersive listening experience brought by the PlayStation 5’s Stormwind 3D sound technology, and experience a better spatial performance; at the same time, they can correspond to the screen display function, display settings directly on the PS5 control center, and change the headset game. The volume balance between sound effects and spoken dialogue works seamlessly with the PlayStation 5 console, and it also looks great in design!

All I can say is that the sound performance of H7/H9 is definitely not worse than that of competitors in the same price range, and the powerful noise reduction function of H9 is more likely to be a super value-for-money noise-cancelling wireless dual-mode headset that beats all competitors. ! However, the sound quality performance of the H3 is a bit disappointing (compared to the H7), but after all, its price is only NT$2,790, which is quite reasonable in terms of functionality, and it also comes with a USB DAC for connection. A computer or a PS5!

Listing and Price Information

INZONE gaming headset series INZONE H9 suggested price of NT$ 8,290 yuan, INZONE H7 suggested price of NT$ 6,390 yuan, INZONE H3 suggested price of NT$ 2,790 yuan, today (7/12) officially listed in Taiwan

This article Sony’s new INZONE series gaming headset H9, H7 and H3 out-of-box use and sharing first appeared in computer DIY.

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