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“Soul Hackers 2” Releases “Ringo & Figger Special” Introducing the Transformation COMP and Growth Elements “Soul Hackers 2”

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“Soul Hackers 2” Releases “Ringo & Figger Special” Introducing the Transformation COMP and Growth Elements “Soul Hackers 2”
“Soul Hacker 2” inherits the genes of the “Demon Summoner” series and “Soul Hacker”, completes the concept of evolution in a quarter of a century, and creates a new story between humans and technology. The protagonist Ringo, as one of the new life forms Aion, cooperates with the “Demon Summoners” and runs around in order to avoid the destruction of the world.

Use the demon summoner’s special item “COMP” to summon demons to sweep away the enemy! There are also facilities that can transform COMP and merge demons in hidden urban boundaries that are invisible to ordinary people. Communicate with the secret base at the bar, or perform visual quests related to the summoners’ past memory experiences to deepen the bond with your friends.

Can the desperados living in the underground society be able to avoid the fate of the world‘s destruction? A new hardcore RPG presented by ATLUS, which developed Shin Megami Tensei and Persona, was born!


Frama (CV. Hiiragi Suzuki)

  • “I am ‘Frumma’. Born to convert Aion’s will into ‘language’.”

Aion’s spokesperson. It is an existence that was born to support Ringo and Figg, who have human mind specifications, to convey the contents of Aion’s calculations, etc. They don’t have bodies like Ringo and the others, so they don’t have sex. The tone of the conversation is calm and careful, he doesn’t bring up unnecessary things, and always ignores Ringo’s jokes.

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  • Affiliation: Aion

  • Height: 156cm

  • Interests: Using the five senses

  • Favorite Food: Green Apple Cider

  • Favorite place: quiet place

  • Current hobby: Going for a walk without an umbrella on a rainy day

  • What to laugh about lately: Arrow and Milady bicker with each other

  • Things you care about: the material of your body

growth factor

Ringo’s COMP can be transformed into either knife or gun form. Use the knife form for normal attacks, and use the spear form when activating the Sabbat. The skills of the electric shock type and the universal type are highly adaptable. It has high attack power and can play its strengths in an attacking role. Others can also learn a variety of useful skills, including “increasing the maximum number of Zhongmo skills”.


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  • Affiliation: Aion

  • Height: 156cm

  • Hobbies: Appreciating Antiquities

  • Favorite food: churros

  • Favorite place: places with lots of people

  • Current passion: typing

  • What’s Laughing Lately: Saizo’s Summoner Chat

  • Things to Care About: Safe Cabin Safety Measures

growth factor

Figg will not be directly involved in combat. She will operate an owl-type drone named Mimi, and is responsible for logistics such as intelligence support in the rear. After entering the maze, you will use the drone to detect the enemy. It will inform Ringo and his party about the danger of encountering enemies, and whether there is a Zhongmo who has been dispatched to explore demons nearby. In addition, players can also directly manipulate Mimi in a certain place. Being able to explore places that Ringo can’t go to may be the key to forging new paths.

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    [咪咪 (CV. Nanako Mori)]

Transforming COMP and growing

At the COMP SMITH facility in the world, you can use the acquired materials to transform COMP. In addition to transforming some functions that are beneficial to combat, such as simply increasing attack power or reducing MP consumption, you can also install some skills that are helpful for exploration. Also, only Ringo can gain Commander skills by modifying the COMP. Customize COMP freely to suit your play style!

蓓 蓓 (CV. Yumiri Hanamori)

Beibei, the owner of COMP SMITH, is a highly skilled COMP expert. After the death of the previous owner’s father, one person propped up the entire store. Curious and always looking for opportunities to test new ideas. Bad mouth, super direct speech.

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Buy accessories and equipment

Accessories can be purchased at Zafiro in Shinsando. Accessories can be used to strengthen defense, as well as other elements such as attack power or evasion rate. In short, equip accessories that best suit your fighting style.

Imitation money (CV. Yuya Hirose)

The clerk who works in Zafiro is extremely narcissistic. From the bottom of my heart, I believe that no one in this world is more beautiful than myself, and I have no interest in others at all. But it seems that he felt something from Ringo and began to care about Ringo. Interest is to play SNS, has about 100,000 followers.

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Personal Events and Soul Hierarchy

Bar Heidrun in Sinsando is the place where Ringo communicates with his partners. The process of drinking and chatting together here is called a personal event, and according to the result of the personal event, the soul level between you and your partner will be raised. The soul level represents the degree of mutual understanding. There seems to be little gain in just raising it up to a certain point…

Hughes (CV. Aoyama Joo)

The owner of Bar Heidrun is kind and reticent. In addition to ordinary customers, there are also demon summoner guests belonging to various forces in the store, but he always adheres to the principle of complete neutrality and strict confidentiality, and provides the most sincere service regardless of the identity and background of the customer.

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Club CRETACEOUS is located in Huarakucho, which has a large entertainment area. Here is a collection of many tricky supernatural cases that only demon summoners can solve, run by the boss, Ms. Ginko. Accept various requests and hone your skills as a demon summoner.

Ms. Silver (CV. Tomokazu Sugita)

The owner of Club CRETACEOUS. Appears to be a gorgeous woman. Stable and full of intelligence, full of a strong sense of responsibility. Its existence is like a bridge between the worlds on and off the table.

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※ The screen is the Japanese version of the game content. The officially released product is the traditional Chinese version.

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