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SteamOS upgrade to 3.2, Steam Deck fans are finally no longer noisy

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SteamOS upgrade to 3.2, Steam Deck fans are finally no longer noisy

SteamOS was recently updated to version 3.2. This update brings refresh rate settings and a quieter fan curve to the Steam platform. Steam Deck with SteamOS 3.2 installed, which quiets noisy fans, as well as some other improvements like longer battery life and battery life.

In SteamOS 3.2, Steam Deck can be adjusted from the default 60Hz screen refresh rate to 40Hz. There is also a set frame limiter, free set frame rate, different games are adjusted to different frame rates, to a large extent avoid the impact of performance. Valve has an interesting note about frame rates, roughly saying that a lower frame rate will give you a smoother, more responsive feel without a huge increase in computing power. There is also the importance of frame stability, and 40Hz is the best setting for balancing responsiveness, coherence and smoothness. This circle is to be tested.

There is also noise processing, that is, SteamOS 3.2 now has the operating system to control the fan curve, which is more intelligent than the old BIOS control system. Of course, the two systems can be switched back and forth. Another method is to solve the problem from the root and reduce the internal rendering resolution of the game to achieve the effect of noise reduction and cooling. There are also a series of improvements such as increased speaker volume, quick formatting of microSD cards and more.

“Remote Play Together” has been added to the Steam client. It will allow users to host LAN parties and also remotely play local multiplayer games with Steam friends, even single-player games, even on different platforms, can be played together on a phone or tablet. Do you know if these new features meet your needs?


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