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Sugar and salt are only 2 of the 5 white poisons: here’s how to truly protect our health

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Sugar and salt are only 2 of the 5 white poisons: here’s how to truly protect our health

The Dangers of White Poisons: Discover the 5 Harmful Foods We Consume Regularly

Nutrition is fundamental to our health. What we eat always affects our body: positively or negatively. Eating incorrectly, too much or too little, or introducing harmful substances, can in the long run lead us to develop serious diseases. The first alarm bells that warn us that we are doing something wrong are high cholesterol values, diabetes, hypertension and overweight.

From here, the road to strokes, heart attacks or neoplasms is shorter than one might imagine. This is why it is so important to pay attention to our diet and that of our children. In particular, there are commonly used foods that are real enemies of health: the so-called white poisons. There are 5 in total and two of them are sugar and salt.

Every day or almost every day, we consume foods that we consider harmless but which, on the contrary, are real poisons for our body and which can seriously compromise our health. Let’s find out what the 5 white poisons are.

The so-called white poisons are: flour, rice, sugar, salt, and milk. The first two, refined, are rich in starches and significantly increase blood glucose levels. After eating a dish of refined rice or pasta, our glycemic curve rises dramatically. If consumed every day, they can lead to disorders such as type 2 diabetes and cholesterol. The solution? Opt for rice and wholemeal flours.

Sugar is perhaps the most dangerous poison among the five. In addition to causing glycemic spikes and, therefore, in the long run diabetes and obesity, it greatly weakens our immune system and is addictive. If you can’t do without it, you can replace it with stevia: a natural sweetener without calories. Salt, continuing, should not be eliminated completely but should be consumed in moderation. You must not exceed 5 grams per day.

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An excess of salt, in addition to the much-hated water retention, can cause hypertension which, in turn, can cause damage to our heart. Finally, the last white poison is milk: this is designed for feeding calves, which have completely different nutritional needs than those of us human beings. Animal milk is too rich in proteins and fats and can lead to prostate, breast, uterine, and ovarian cancers.

The authentic Mediterranean diet, that of the origins, was based on a few simple foods: vegetables, fruit, legumes, extra virgin olive oil, fish, and some whole grains as refining procedures did not exist. Today, almost no one follows it and our daily diet is poor in nutrients but very rich in sugars and saturated fats. It is crucial that we educate ourselves about the dangers of these so-called white poisons and make healthier choices for ourselves and our families.

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