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Summer fruit full of pesticides, you have to forget these: unsuspected

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Summer fruit full of pesticides, you have to forget these: unsuspected

With the summer, many people consume more fruit and vegetables, but apparently there is a lot of attention to buy them due to the incorrect use of pesticides, which can be very harmful to human health.

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According to a statement published by the NGO Pesticide Action Network Europe (PAN EU), the fruit consumed in Europe is almost all contaminated. We hope to bring all governments into close contact to unite them and establish obligations and limits established by each European state for the use of pesticides on fruit and vegetables.

Pesticides can be very harmful to human health and the environment, especially in the long run. They mostly affect the central nervous system, leaving really frightening damage to our health. Precisely for this we need some limits: let’s find out more.

Pesticides in fruit: the alarm goes off

Especially in summer it is recommended to eat lots of fruit, since contains a lot of water which promotes proper hydration and a perfect source of fiber, especially if consumed with peel which is rich in properties.

In this period we have available various seasonal fruit such as cherries, peaches and strawberries on supermarket counters. But according to a report shared by the NGO Pesticide Action Network Europe (PAN EU) they would be the most contaminated fruits in Europe, as they are full of pesticides.

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The press release is an invitation to governments to comply with the obligations established by EU regulations on the use of pesticides in fruit and vegetables. According to their research, one third of all fruit produced in Europe is contaminated with dangerous pesticides.

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The report, however, is in stark contrast to the statements of the European Commission and the States that had announced a sensational decline in the use of pesticides. But do you know which are the most contaminated fruits? We must be very careful: let’s find out more.

The most contaminated fruits

According to the NGO report, the fruit with the highest number of pesticides are blackberries, then, always going in order, there are the peaches, strawberries, cherries and apricots. But what kind of pesticides do they contain? fluxioxonil, cyprodinil, tebuconazole and difenoconazole, would be the most carcinogenic to humans.

Summer fruit
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These substances should have been replaced with less harmful products, but in recent years, the presence of pesticides it is sensationally increasedIn this way, governments have not respected the laws of the Member States and have not protected the consumer from these highly toxic products for human health and also for the environment.

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