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Tarzan movement, how it is practiced and why it is good

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Tarzan movement, how it is practiced and why it is good

The new fitness trend of “primordial movement” is taking the world by storm, inviting people to rediscover their “inner monkey” and move like Tarzan. This new discipline involves activities such as walking on all fours, climbing trees, and imitating the movements and sounds of monkeys.

The founder of the movement, Victor Manuel Fleites, explained that being in nature and imitating the movements of monkeys can help individuals rediscover a sense of calm and satisfaction, as well as reconnect with those around them. According to Fleites, this form of “regression” to our primal roots is the antidote to the modern society which has become consumed by capitalism.

The Tarzan movement, which began as a personal pastime for Fleites, has now turned into a global phenomenon with supporters all over the world. With over 180 thousand followers on Instagram, Fleites is seen promoting his philosophy and correct technique through videos showcasing his adept tree climbing and monkey-like movements.

Despite its seemingly frivolous nature, the Tarzan movement is actually a legitimate fitness discipline that involves practical movements such as crawling, bending over, and rolling around on all fours. Fleites asserts that this practice is not only beneficial for physical health, but can also have positive effects on mental well-being. In fact, one individual confessed to overcoming post-traumatic stress disorder through practicing the Tarzan movement.

As Fleites stated, “We come from the ape family, I think it’s time we recognized that animal side of us. Let’s go from this crazy city lifestyle to something simple. Live like Tarzan.” So, the next time you’re looking for a new fitness routine, consider embracing your inner monkey and giving the Tarzan movement a try.

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