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The 2022 Steam Summer Sale has officially started! Activity tasks, discount offers come here | XFastest News

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The 2022 Steam Summer Sale has officially started! Activity tasks, discount offers come here | XFastest News

The 2022 Steam Summer Sale officially kicks off today! This special sale will last until 10:00 am on July 7th. In addition to massive game discounts, this time there are also Steam badges and special missions, and you don’t just need to spend money to buy games to solve missions! Hurry up and watch it with me!

“Clorthax’s Summer Sale Quest”

This summer sale will receive a greeting from the future of Clorthax, stating that he stole 10 awesome games from the future, and then travels back to sell the games to players, and will “hint” the way Guide players to find games sold exclusively on Steam, and players can unlock the clues one by one to get the “CLORTHAX’s Paradox Club Badge”!

For example, the first clue that the editor got was “If you want to gain fame and fortune, you have to practice good piano skills with six strings and rhythm, and you have to peel the skin to pay taxes”, and then you have to find the Steam that matches the clue from the page. Exclusively sold game.

Then the editor found the correct answer on the page, and obtained the personal icon of “Guitar Billionaire” and the Steam 3000 badge level 1. The whole puzzle-solving process is almost like this, and the other clues and answers are left to the players themselves. , and after collecting all the clues and answers, you can get the “CLORTHAX’s Paradox Club Badge”.

Summer Sale Discounts

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I believe that what players are most concerned about is the discount of games. After all, Steam is also known as a game that collects games. Then I also recommend a few works here for your reference.

This time, a variety of products have been given good discounts, including the well-known survival horror work “Evil Castle” series, the latest work “Evil Castle 8: Village” and the well-received classic “Evil Castle 2″ Plate Making” has come to the lowest price in history. The discounted prices are 865 yuan and 524 yuan respectively. Players who like survival horror or zombie themes should not miss it!

“Blood Killer 2”, created by the production GTA series company R Star, is an open-world action-adventure game with a western theme. Since its release, it has won more than 175 annual awards, and it has also won 93% on Steam. It is highly praised. This time, Steam gives a half-off price of 895 yuan. If you are interested, you can take this opportunity to start quickly.

The new DLC “MONSTER HUNTER RISE”, which will be launched at the end of this month, has also received a -49% OFF discount this time, priced at 882 yuan, and the sequel “A Plague Tale: Not Guilty”, this time he was also hit with a broken bone, and it only cost 250 yuan.

Among them are the award-winning “Going for Two” and “The Witcher 3”, as well as the “Dragon Among Men” series, “Catherine Classic Edition” or “Rockman 11”, etc., which are also in this special sale. The lowest price in history was reached during the meeting. Players can take good care of their wallets!

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