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the benefits of flavanols on our body

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the benefits of flavanols on our body

Nutritionists always recommend consuming a piece of dark chocolate, because it is linked to the flavanol content: what benefits do they have on our body?

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The flavanols present in chocolate are important for our health and bring great benefits to our body. Dark chocolate, obviously consumed in moderate doses, protects body and mind, and is an essential food, capable of lowering blood pressure and fighting arterial stiffness. According to some research, this food has the same capabilities as some hypertension medications.

The University of Surrey, in the county of Guilford, England, published an interesting article in the magazine Frontiers In Nutrition. In their study, the British researchers showed how excellent cocoa consumption is for treatment of hypertension. This research could open up new avenues in the treatment of high blood pressure.

Because dark chocolate helps to counteract hypertension

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Chocolate, cocoa in general, is able to counteract hypertension thanks to the content of flavanols. Flavanols are natural substances belonging to the flavonoid family and present in plant food, they have antioxidant capacity, so they work by repairing cell damage. They are important for the prevention of cancer, cardiovascular disease and degenerative diseases.

These are able to lower blood pressure and counteract arterial stiffness. However, as the team involved in the research states, it is still too early to include cocoa in hypertension treatments. The results in the laboratory are certainly encouraging, but time is still needed for concrete medical applications. But how did this come about? By studying the behavior of some healthy patients.

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They were asked to consume a certain amount of dark chocolate every other day. After a period of observation, doctors noticed a reduction in blood pressure and stiffness in patients with hypertension. While no changes were found for patients with normal blood pressure. The positive impact of flavanols on our cardiovascular system is undoubted.

These substances only work in case of high pressure, which is good. Flavanols are present in high concentrations in cocoa, tea or grapes, and certainly have many benefits for our body. It is important to take them through food, while preventing degenerative diseases and protecting the skin from sun damage. Finally, consuming cocoa also helps stimulate the brain, protecting it from aging and stress.

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