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The call of the gym: escapes from house arrest, arrested

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The call of the gym: escapes from house arrest, arrested


He could not have left his home in Camerlata if not to go to work in Casnate. The carabinieri instead stopped him while he was dedicated to fitness

Let’s dispel a myth. Sport and physical activity in the gym are not always good for you. The practical demonstration comes from the city of Como, thanks to a story that took place between via Canturina in Camerlata and the “Fit Up” gym in Montano Lucino.

The protagonist of what we are about to tell is a fitness lover from the Dominican Republic, 39, who could not resist the temptation to go, on Monday evening, to the gym of the city belt to do some physical activity in the dedicated room to the weights. There was, however, an impediment, not even negligible to tell the truth: the man could not have gone there, in that temple of fitness, for the simple reason that he would have had to stay at home, in that of Camerlata, as subjected to the detention measure. house arrest for drug related events.

To escape the carabinieri he barricaded himself in the bathroom

In reality, the Dominican had a permit to be able to leave his apartment in via Canturina, but only to go to work in Casnate with Bernate, certainly not to train with weights in a local gym.

The devil then, as is well known, often makes the pots but not the lids. It so happened that in the same gym of Montano Lucino, a policeman was also training. Not just any military man, by the way, but one of those who knew the Dominican well because he had participated in the investigation into his account. In short, the epilogue for Elias M. was not the best, with the intervention of the carabinieri of the Radiomobile and the accusation of evasion from house arrest to which he was restricted.

The Dominican’s escape in the gymnasium toilets was of no avail – at the sight of the “gazelle” of the Arma that was on the way. The military waited patiently for him outside and then, after convincing him to open the door, handcuff him and take him to the security room awaiting the very direct trial that was held yesterday morning on the ground floor of the city courthouse.

The arrest was validated and the defense then asked for terms. However, it is likely that already in these hours the extent of the aggravation of detention will be notified with the return to prison of the 39-year-old fitness lover. All this for an evening in the weight room.

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