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The case of masks: recommended in public offices, mandatory in companies

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The case of masks: recommended in public offices, mandatory in companies

Masks and work? Two weights and two measures. At least that’s how it seems downstream of the decisions made in recent days. In fact, if masks are still mandatory for workers in the private sector – from shops to offices to assembly lines – at least until June it is not the same for those who work in the PA where the mask is only recommended even if it is an office. in contact with the public. Companies and trade unions have in fact chosen the utmost caution by extending the protocol that provides for the obligation to wear a mask, while the Ministry of the Public Administration, inspired by the ordinance of the Minister of Health Roberto Speranzawith its circular has recommended it in certain circumstances.

The line of prudence of companies

The decision for the world of private work came at the end of the meeting held between trade unions, Inail, and the ministries of labor, health and economic development which in fact confirmed the safety protocol on anti Covid measures launched in April 2020 and renewed a year ago, with the commitment to update it by June in light of national provisions and the progress of the pandemic, therefore the mask remains mandatory in all workplaces, even outdoors. According to the text, confirmed by trade unions and ministries, “in all cases of sharing work environments, indoors or outdoors, the use of surgical masks or higher-level personal protective equipment is in any case mandatory” . The mask therefore “is not necessary in the case of activities carried out in isolation conditions”. The choice – says the Ministry of Labor in a note – derives from the awareness that “despite the cessation of the state of emergency, the need to combat the spread of the pandemic still exists”.

The “recommendations” for public offices

On April 29, the Minister of Public Administration Renato Brunetta signed a circular inspired by the ordinance of his colleague Speranza of the day before that without regulating the use of the device in the world of work he had generically recommended the mask in indoor places and in those open to the public. In particular, in the circular to all public administrations, the use of Ffp2 masks is therefore only recommended and not mandatory, in particular, for staff in contact with the public (so-called counter) without suitable protective barriers; for personnel who perform the service in rooms shared with one or more workers, even if there are only two of them (unless there are spaces that exclude crowds); during face-to-face meetings; for those in line at the canteen or in other common areas, for those who share a room with “fragile” staff, in the elevators and in cases where the spaces cannot exclude crowds.

The slalom between the rules with the mask always in your pocket

The private sector has therefore chosen – also on the basis of the trend of the contagion curve which falls very slowly – a more rigid line than what is foreseen by the Public Administration and also by the national regulations which, if on the one hand have eliminated the masks in bars and restaurants gyms, has confirmed that it is mandatory until June 15 in other indoor places such as transport, cinemas, theaters, shows and indoor sporting events. Masks also compulsory at school until the end of the school year. She also expressed herself on the question of masks Federfarma who, in a circular sent to pharmacies, appealed to prudence suggesting to recommend to customers, with signs affixed to the windows, that “among the various safety measures to be strictly adopted, the use of masks is also contemplated”. In short, the Italians will have to do the slalom at least until June between different rules between the various environments: in practice it will almost always be necessary to carry a mask in your pocket just in case.

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