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the companion watched over the body for days

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the companion watched over the body for days

Floriana Floris, the woman found dead yesterday afternoon in the home of her partner Paolo Riccone, was killed with over 30 stab wounds: according to the autopsy carried out today.

Over thirty stab wounds. So she was killed Floriana Floristhe woman found dead yesterday afternoon in her partner’s home Paolo Riccone in Incisa Scapaccino, in the province of Asti. This was established by the autopsy performed this morning at the hospital of the Piedmontese city on the orders of the prosecutor Eleonora Guerra. The coroner confirmed that the death dates back to last Wednesday.

The alleged killer is Paolo Riccone, suspected but not yet formally investigated: the man is hospitalized for observation, guarded by the carabinieri. He attempted to take his own life cutting the veins in the wrists, ingesting antidepressant drugs and drinking a few cups of bleach, a substance that damaged the tissues of his throat and esophagus. Riccone’s life is in danger but he is sedated, in a sort of induced coma: for several days he will not be able to be questioned.

According to what emerged from the first investigations carried out by the Carabinieri Riccone for some time suffered from depression and was followed by a psychologist. Before meeting Floriana Floris he was a widower, about ten years ago. Last year he had lost his mother and just over a month ago his father. When the investigators found him at home, in a state of shock near the body, the only thing he said was that he had found his partner dead. The victim’s daughter, who lives in Milan and had raised the alarm after not hearing from the two for a couple of days, after learning of the incident she rushed to Incisa Scapaccino. At the moment man it is not at a standstillas there is no risk of escape in any way.

In the coming days, the carabinieri will return to the scene of the crime, in the house of Incisa Scapaccino, to carry out further inspections. The investigators want to reconstruct the dynamics of the attack, which took place in the living room-kitchen on the ground floor.

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