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“The Covid pandemic is not over”

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“The Covid pandemic is not over”

“Even if Covid-19 is no longer in the foreground, the pandemic is not over. We need to be ready for the next few months. We will continue to work with and on behalf of our Member States to ensure adequate vaccine supplies their needs, including potentials adapted vaccines“.

He wrote it on Twitter there Commissary Salute Ue Stella Kyriakides.

Meanwhile, on the subject of prevention and protectionpositive signs are coming in view of the recovery of anti-Covid vaccination campaign next autumn.

In fact, 77% of a sample of Italians interviewed declared in favor of the fourth dose of the Sars-Cov-2 vaccination next fall. The data emerges from the survey carried out by The European House – Ambrosetti and by the Interdepartmental Center for Ethics and Integrity in Research of Cnrin collaboration with SWGon the level of confidence of Italians in, notes, vaccines.

Made on a sample of 2,000 citizens interviewedthe survey was presented today in Rome, in the event organized by The European House – Ambrosetti, with the non-conditioning contribution of Pfizer.

“76% of the Italians interviewed say they are in favor of the requirement of an anti Covid vaccine,” he said Daniela Whitepartner and head of the Healthcare Area of ​​The European House – Ambrosetti, “and there is also 17% of people who have not yet vaccinated against Sars-Cov-2 but are open to doing so. This means that there is still a segment of the population in which the vaccination campaign can still take hold “.

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