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The first prototype of an electric motorcycle to explore the Moon

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Hookie, a German company specializing in the design of accessories and finishes for motorcycles, has developed the first prototype of an electric lunar motorcycle, starting from an idea of ​​2020 (only on paper) by designer Andrew Fabishevskiy. The video released by Hookie does not clarify whether the vehicle is, at least in part, in working order. Certainly the design and the ‘lunar’ setting are fascinating and thrill both Space and two-wheel enthusiasts. The idea of ​​the German company is to produce a motorcycle that can be useful for the exploration of the Moon, capable of reaching 15 km / h and guaranteeing a movement of up to 110 km with a single charge.

We have returned to talk about Luna, and a lot, recently thanks to the Nasa program called Artemis, which aims to bring man back to the Earth’s satellite by 2024.

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