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The fruit that keeps the doctor away is not the apple, but the blueberries

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The fruit that keeps the doctor away is not the apple, but the blueberries

There is a fruit that can fight inflammation and cholesterol and is also useful for athletes. Research confirms this

An apple a day? No, there is another fruit that, according to numerous studies and scientific research, keeps the doctor away. Especially when it comes to fighting systemic inflammation of the body, cholesterol, strengthening the immune system, and improving aerobic capacity.

Let’s talk about blueberries: if it is true that most fruit and vegetables are sources of precious antioxidants, specifically, these berries are rich in a particular type of antioxidants, anthocyanins, capable of reducing free radicals in the body responsible for some diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and even neurological decline. Among other things, it is precisely the anthocyanins, with their pigments, that give blueberries their typical blue color.

One of the ways blueberries can reduce the risk of disease is by lowering levels of bad LDL cholesterol in the blood. Research published in The Journal of Nutrition found that participants who consumed blueberries reported 27% lower LDL cholesterol levels in just 8 weeks, lowering the risk of metabolic syndrome and other cardiovascular diseases.

Blueberries can also stabilize blood sugar, being an excellent source of fiber: one cup contains about 4 grams. Additionally, a 2018 study found that athletes who consumed blueberries showed improved exercise performance time and VO2 max. According to the authors, the polysaccharides present in the fruit have the ability to improve aerobic metabolism and resistance to exercise, regardless of fatigue.

Last but not least, blueberries provide a good supply of vitamin C, about 15% of the recommended daily dose in a single portion, which corresponds to a cup. And we know that they are a powerful antioxidant that can benefit the nervous and immune systems.

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Warning: the superpower of blueberries is not good for everyone: blueberries are in fact rich in vitamin K, which is also precious. But those who take anticoagulants, such as warfarin, are better off not taking sources of vitamin K such as blueberries, without talking to their doctor, since this plays a key role in blood clotting and could influence the blood-thinning action of the drug. Only one contraindication for a fruit that has many benefits and which, in recent years, has also seen its production increase in Italy, both in suitable areas, such as Trentino and Piedmont, and in the southern regions, in particular in Sicily, Basilicata, and Calabria.


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