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the new services explained by pharmacists

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the new services explained by pharmacists

The Meloni government is pushing for a new provision in the Simplifications bill that could revolutionize the role of pharmacies in Italy. The new “service pharmacy” will be able to offer vaccinations, swabs, and analyzes that were previously only available in hospitals or local health authorities. However, the implementation of this change will require significant funding.

Marco Cossolo, president of Federfarma, praised the provision, highlighting the potential benefits for citizens. If the bill is passed, individuals over the age of twelve will be able to receive all vaccines included in the vaccination plan, not just Covid-19 and flu vaccines. Other planned services include rapid analyzes, diagnostic tests, and the ability to choose or change family doctors.

The new “service pharmacy” will have dedicated spaces separate from the main pharmacy area, ensuring hygienic and sanitary conditions. While the bill eliminates an outdated provision that required citizens to pay for these services, funding from the government will be necessary to make them free for patients. The Meloni government will need to allocate funds in the upcoming budget law to support the implementation of these new services.

Cossolo emphasized that the role of pharmacies is evolving to become a key part of the National Health Service, shifting the focus to more localized and preventative healthcare. The concept of the “service pharmacy” is not new, but the current provision aims to solidify its place within the health system. However, without adequate funding and updated agreements between pharmacies and the government, the potential benefits of this new model may not be fully realized.

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