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The world is crazy farming! “Simulation Farm 22” has more online users than “Battlefield 2042”

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“Simulation Farm 22” won both the sales champion and the most popular game award last week, beating “Battlefield 2042”. Picture: Reproduced from “Simulation Farm 22” Steam

[新頭殼newtalk] The third-party statistics website Steam DB said today (29) that the farming game “Farming Simulator” won both the platform sales champion and the most popular game last week, becoming the most popular game among global players during the Thanksgiving holiday. The welcome game is overwhelming the “Battlefield 2042” released three days earlier.

“Simulation Farm 22” is a simulated farm management game launched by Swiss game developer GIANTS Software on November 22 this year. It is the eighth major game in the “Simulation Farm” series after “Simulation Farm 19”. In “Simulation Farm 22”, the player will play as a modern farmer, creating his own farm with creativity in three different American and European environments. Agriculture, animal husbandry, and forestry farms are all challenging items for players, and there are more than one hundred farm tools from real agricultural brands for driving in the game, making the farming experience of players more realistic.

《模擬農場22》銷量登頂Steam平台。 圖:翻攝自SteamDB

“Simulation Farm 22” sales topped the Steam platform. Figure: Retrieved from SteamDB

According to the PC game platform Steam’s sales rankings of last week announced by Steam DB today (29), the recently released farm management game “Simulation Farm 22” became the dark horse new work in November, with the results overwhelming “Battlefield 2042” and discounts. “Dian Yu Ren Ke 2077” and many other masterpieces in China became the best-selling games. In addition, Steam DB also added a comparison chart of online users of “Simulation Farm 22” and “Battlefield 2042”, both of which are recently released games. The number of simultaneous online users of the former was as high as 90,000 at one time, compared with 5.3 of the latter. There are nearly double the number of 10,000 people.

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農場 農場 農場 22 同時 同時 在線 人數 超越 風雲 風雲 2042》。 圖 : 自 自 SteamDB

“Simulation Farm 22” has more people online at the same time than “Battlefield 2042”. Figure: Retrieved from SteamDB

At present, “Simulation Farm 22” has received more than 7,000 reviews on Steam. Although many players commented that the game has many bugs to be resolved, the game still received an overall rating of “extremely favorable”. In contrast, the evaluation of “Battlefield 2042″, which was also released in late November, was not satisfactory. It is understood that bugs of all sizes in the game have continued to appear since the open test and members’ first play. At present, more than 30 bugs have been discovered, and these endless errors have made the game rated by more than 60% of players. Not recommended”.

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