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French media: Neymar expects to be reimbursed in 2021 due to injury for six weeks

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Original title: French media: Neymar is expected to be reimbursed in 2021 due to six weeks of truce due to injury

In the 3-1 reversal of Saint-Etienne in Paris last night, Neymar left the field due to injury before the end. When jumping to avoid a tackle, Neymar landed with his left foot on the opponent’s foot, which caused his left ankle to bend directly to 90 degrees. Neymar burst into tears at the time. When he was carried off the court by a stretcher, the Brazilian covered his face with his hands. Paris officials have not announced Neymar’s specific injury, but the authoritative media “Team Daily” pointed out that the Brazilian is expected to truce for 6 weeks.

6 weeks of truce? This means that Neymar’s 2021 has been reimbursed in advance. In 2021, Neymar will miss the four rounds of Paris and Nice, Lens, Monaco and Lorient, and he will also miss the final round of the Champions League group stage. However, Paris has been determined to be second in the group, and the final round of competition has no substantive significance. In 2021, Neymar’s goal is to return from injury against Lyon on January 10. If this is not possible, Neymar will look forward to returning to the game against Brest on January 16.

Since joining Paris in 2017, Neymar has been seriously injured almost every season, and now is no exception. When Neymar was injured, his ankle bends to a frightening degree. At that time, the French media even suspected that Neymar might dislocate or even fracture his left ankle. This injury would make him a truce for many months. If Neymar only needs to truce for 6 weeks in the end, this is a blessing in misfortune.Return to Sohu to see more


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