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The worst brand of pasta on the market: here’s which one

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The worst brand of pasta on the market: here’s which one

After a report carried out by Striscia la Notizia, some really interesting and certainly not very reassuring data emerged regarding the types of Italian pasta best and worst. Here are the brands that have been brought to trial. During our life we ​​eat many things but not always, perhaps almost never, we do it in complete safety and eating wholesome foods. Unfortunately this is related to the fact that, too often, the foods we cook and eat are treated with pesticides and others harmful substances that go to harm their real goodness and genuineness.

The worst part is that most of the time we are not even aware of it, and this is a very serious fact. In order to inform the consumer and safeguard his health, it is in fact good for everyone to know what are the good things to eat and which ones to avoid (but this should be the case for every food), in this case we want to put the attention on Italian Pasta: perhaps the most consumed food in our country.

Some time ago inside the transmission Striscia la Notizia, well known for its commitment in this sector, some frightening data have been released regarding Italian pasta; these data were used by a magazine to draw up a ranking regarding the types of pasta best and those worst. Obviously we are talking about well-known and abundantly consumed brands. What came out of it is that inside them it was found the use of a type of flour containing a certain amount of pesticides and glyphosate.

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Within the paste examined not only glyphosate was found, but deoxynivalenol microtoxins were found which are very dangerous for human physical health, especially when it comes to children. The values ​​of these substances were in any case below the maximum threshold established by law but were nevertheless present in a number greater than 2: that is, 2 or more harmful substances in the same type of pasta, and this is absolutely harmful.

As a function of this, Dr. Gentilini stated that, in general, even if the values ​​were below the threshold established by law, it is neither reassuring nor positive for our health that there were two or more pesticides for each type. from pasta. Substances such as: glyphosate and clorpirifos (toxic insecticide especially for the developing brain) can cause serious damage to health.

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