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This is the sneaky tumor that by the time it manifests itself may already be too late

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When we say that prevention saves lives, it is never a coincidence. Let’s think about the importance of blood tests to be done at least once a year. Or to the advice of our GP when he prescribes in-depth tests. Well this is the sneaky tumor that when it manifests it could already be too late. It is not we who support it but the very important research associations, such as the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, which invest their time in our salvation.

In 80% of cases it may already be too late

Among the many tumors there is one in particular which in 80% of cases could already be metastasized when it is detected. We are talking about colorectal cancer which mainly affects patients who have reached the age of 50. The trouble with this very aggressive tumor is that it migrates to other equally important organs, such as the liver and lungs. We also remember that this type of cancer is the second in number of cases, immediately after breast cancer that affects women.

This is the sneaky tumor that by the time it manifests itself may already be too late

Unfortunately, this type of cancer, like that of the pancreas, has a truly impressive speed of development, and is constantly increasing. The best way to prevent it is to rely on colonoscopy, which doctors especially recommend to men just past the age of 50. But in most cases, our lifestyle is the best radar to prevent, avert and anticipate its appearance.

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The rules for fighting this tumor

In a society increasingly exposed to any type of pollution harmful to our health, there are always valid rules, even in the prevention of cancer:

  • avoid alcohol abuse and smoking;
  • follow the Mediterranean diet and the famous 5 daily portions of fruit and vegetables;
  • always maintain a healthy weight;
  • try to do at least half an hour of activity every day;
  • protect the intestine and its bacterial flora;
  • remember the family and hereditary predisposition of any tumors;
  • devote more time to ourselves also by taking care of our body.


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