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those non-negotiable values ​​- Libero Quotidiano

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Matteo Mion

The Covid 19 debate is taking on grotesque contours. After Guelphs and Ghibellines, fascists and communists, Inter and Juventus, the new Italian derby is between Si vax and No vax. The matter, however, is serious and deserves logical order and common sense on the part of both sides. It is advisable to discard the fan jersey, because the values ​​on the pitch are of the highest constitutional rank: health and freedom, or in concrete terms, vaccine and green pass. I cannot understand why a vaccinated person, who has chosen this means of prevention for himself and for the community, should not have the heart of everyone’s freedom.

We seem in the crosshairs, if we are a burden please say so.  Vaccination obligation, strong words in the League after Draghi's move

Can the state compress the freedom and the principle of equality of citizens before the law for the protection of health, even in the presence of a non-mandatory vaccine? The question is so full of ethical and legal meanings that it does not deserve certainties, but doubts and insights. Is freedom an absolute value or negotiable by virtue of the number of places available in the ICU? What changes being vaccinated or unvaccinated with respect to such embarrassing questions from an ethical and human point of view? I stigmatize those who put their hands in the streets regardless, but the verbal aggression of the left against any dubious interlocutor is Soviet madness. The debate seems to belong only to the center-right fascist apostrophe because it discusses internally.

One cannot just obey and fight.  Vaccination obligation, Massimo Cacciari sbrocca: Is this democracy for you?

Progressives mix health, freedom, vaccine and green pass in a single Stalinist soup to swallow like castor oil. Yet if someone had allowed themselves to propose the Green pass for those coming from countries where Ebola is widespread, the red Cassandras would have been clamoring. The left-wing vaccine truncheon laid out on par with the Green pass makes your skin crawl, because they are not familiar with the concept of freedom that is foreign to their political DNA. Can freedom and health be merged into a single ideological soup to be administered by force?

I believe that the mandatory vaccine is the solution to many legal and health headaches, but until that is the case, I have an intimate and profound belief: my reddish hands off Freedom! We should therefore applaud the vaccinated Meloni and Salvini who put a stop to the Commission. Sic stantibus rules for one’s health it is allowed to be no, yes and ni vax, while freedom does not admit the same modulation of will, it is not questionable or negotiable pursuant to art. 3 of the Italian Constitution which fortunately is anti-fascist without being shamefully communist like Letta e & C.

Vaccination obligation, here are the times after Mario Draghi's opening: when will it start, what penalties are risked


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