Home Health Those who take these medications for pressure and others should pay attention to this autumn fruit

Those who take these medications for pressure and others should pay attention to this autumn fruit

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When starting a drug therapy, it is not necessary to respect only schedules and administrations. Food also plays an important role in the success of the cure.

Food and drinks that we decide to put on our table, in fact, can influence, and sometimes even hinder, the action of the drug we are taking.

Basically, food can affect the absorption of the drug, its excretion, make it ineffective or even enhance its toxicity or an undesirable side effect.

Eggs, for example, are a food that, in some cases, can create problems of interaction with some medicines. And that is why those who take these drugs should not consume eggs in order not to compromise the cure.

The speech is also very similar in the case of some fruits. In addition to citrus fruits, which are known to interfere with various drugs, there are also seasonal fruits that can create problems. An example is the symbolic fruit of this season, the pomegranate.

This fruit, in fact, could interfere with some medicines for the treatment of high blood pressure, but not only. Problems may also occur if you are taking specific anticoagulants, medications for the treatment of diabetes or cardiovascular disorders. Let’s find out in more detail what these drugs are.

Those who take these medications for pressure and others should pay attention to this autumn fruit

The pomegranate is one of the typical fruits of this season. It has countless beneficial properties, and is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Thanks to its high fiber content, pomegranate helps digestion and intestines. In addition, its regular consumption would also bring benefits on the control of cholesterol and diabetes, as well as circulation and strengthening the immune system.

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It would also protect against some cancers

Eating pomegranate would also protect against some cancers, specifically that of the prostate and lymphomas. In addition, it would bring beneficial effects against benign prostatic hyperplasia. In fact, we have defined it “the fruit with superpowers”, and we have described in depth the benefits it brings to the body.

Possible interaction with these drugs

Despite the countless recognized beneficial effects on the body, those who take certain medications should be careful about consuming this fruit. As reported by Humanitas Research Hospital, the pomegranate could interfere with antihypertensive drugs, but not only. Also with ACE inhibitors, with rosuvastatin, warfarin, tolbutamide and with carbamazepine. That’s why anyone who takes these blood pressure medications and others should pay attention to this autumn fruit.

We remind you that these indications do not replace the advice of a doctor. For our safety, we always consult and rely on our trusted doctor.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)
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