Home Health To lose weight and lower blood pressure, we only eat from 7 to 15

To lose weight and lower blood pressure, we only eat from 7 to 15

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To lose weight and lower blood pressure, we only eat from 7 to 15

Watch in hand, to lose weight it might be enough to concentrate food intake in the first part of the day, from 7 in the morning to 15. Eating only within this time window would allow not only to lose over two kilos in 14 days, but also to lower blood pressure. The news comes from a study published in the journal Jama Internal Medicine and conducted at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. The ‘timed diet’ has become very popular over the years also because various famous people, including Fiorello in Italy, have followed it successfully.

The various studies conducted so far have not yet fully clarified how effective intermittent fasting is for losing weight and body fat and the effects may depend on the timing of the eating window. This randomized study compared the effects of eating food over a short period of time with those of eating distributed throughout the day over a period of 12 or more hours. The researchers’ goal was to determine whether the timed diet with food early in the day is more effective for weight loss, fat loss and cardiometabolic health than eating food for a period of 12 hours or more.


The randomized clinical trial was conducted for 14 weeks on 90 obese adults between 25 and 75 who had received weight loss treatment at the Birmingham Hospital Weight Loss Medical Clinic at the University of Alabama. Patients were divided into two groups and received weight loss counseling and a calorie restricted diet.

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Who has lost the most weight? From the comparison of the data, it was seen that those who followed the diet but eating only between 7 and 15 managed to lose 6.3 kilos in the 14 days compared to 4 of those who followed only the slimming diet. Therefore, 2.3 kilos more lost simply by restricting the time span in which you eat. The effects of the timed diet were equivalent to a reduction in caloric intake of 214 kcal / day. Additionally, this type of regimen also improved diastolic blood pressure (-4 mmHg) and mood disturbances, including fatigue, inertia, and depression. The effects this eating pattern may have on body fat loss are less clear, and researchers point to the need for further studies to better understand these aspects.

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