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towards stop at home isolation for positives

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towards stop at home isolation for positives

The hypothesis of a “free all” despite the confirmation of the positivity to the virus, however, divides the experts and collects the

rejection of the president of the National Federation of Medical Orders

Filippo Anelli.

The positives, Anelli says, “are increasing and the decrease in hospitalizations is slowing down; the circulation of the virus is very high, and from today there are no longer the mandatory masks and therefore the possibility that the infections will increase is real.

I therefore recommend a lot of caution

, above all out of solidarity with the most vulnerable who could be infected. The advice is to reflect before making decisions of this kind, because at the moment there are no conditions for such a decision “.

The infectious disease specialist Massimo Galli also slows down

: “I would still keep my foot on the brake fairly – he comments -. The numbers of the last few days, starting from the data of the last monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation, cannot in fact leave us calm and indicate a reversal of the pandemic trend, with infections and the deaths that have started to rise again. That is, we are facing a possible resurgence of the pandemic, dictated by the more infectious variant Omicron 5, and we are not able to say now what the impact on hospitals may be, so I would advise caution “.

In short, he observes, “we are all looking for a return to normality but the data are objective and recommend caution”. Also, eliminate home isolation for the positives “

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it would jeopardize the safety of the most fragile subjects

. In fact, the data show that the latest variants are not harmless and those who do not fully respond to vaccination, such as some categories of fragile patients, can even become seriously ill “.

The opinion of Roberto Cauda, ​​infectious disease specialist at the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome, is different

. Stopping home isolation “I think it is a decision that can be taken, also taking into account that the disease, at present and not in its severe form, is similar to other respiratory diseases. In short, we have to live with the virus. This obviously – he specifies – it does not mean, however, not keeping your eyes open and not retracing your steps if necessary “.

The point is that “we cannot get rid of this virus but we can think that the pandemic will end in the terms we know it: it will become a

endemic virus, with periodic but momentary outbreaks

. And in this scenario – he concludes – we can do only one thing: strengthen vaccinations, and this means strengthening the third dose which is 67% coverage and the fourth dose for the frail, arriving in the future at an annual vaccination recall “.

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