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Trentino healthcare company, revolution in access to digital services: all the news – Health and Wellness

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TRENTO. From today available free of charge to all members of the provincial health system new TreC + platform, developed thanks to the contribution of doctors and citizens. It will represent the only point of access to the digital services of the healthcare company. “Approximately 170,000 people from Trentino already use TreC by accessing the portal, and 62,000 from the TreC_FSE app. The goal, with this new platform, is to reach the entire population “- said the provincial councilor for health, social policies, disability and family Stefania Segnana this morning during the presentation of the new TreC + service at the Palazzo della Provincia.

Among the novelties: there will no longer be other applications or systems to access the digital services of the APSS because everything has been grouped in TreC +. For those who already use the TreC_FSE app, just update it from the app stores (Android or Apple). For those who have never installed it, they can do it independently by accessing the web portal trec.trentinosalute.net following the instructions in the guide.
TreC + is the result of a project wanted by the Competence Center.

TrentinoSalute4.0, which fielded the professionalism and organizations of the three bodies, PAT, APSS and FBK. Thanks to TreC +, an evolution of the already well-known TreC (Citizen’s Clinical Record), today the Provincial Health Service can boast one of the first online service platforms in Italy that accompanies citizens from birth to old age throughout the life path, redesigning the citizen-health relationship from a digital perspective. Not only that: even non-residents in the Province will be able to use some of the features of TreC +, such as collecting online reports.

“Today we are presenting an intelligent TreC + to our fellow citizens” – added Stefania Segnana. “This innovation speaks of us, speaks of the“ Trentino system ”, speaks of research, health policies and services for the care of people. And it speaks the language of this land, because it was built together with people and health professionals ”. In short, TreC + is the result of a good team work.

“To create the system” – explains the commissioner Segnana – “great attention was paid to both the needs of citizens and doctors. In recent months we have launched various experiments in the Province of Trento to adopt television as a practical tool and with the aim of creating a user experience that guarantees ease of use and inclusion. Pediatrics, cardiology and ophthalmology are some of the trials underway in Trentino, which have joined those with diabetes and health prevention. Telemonitoring for oncology and an information and educational service dedicated to pregnant women will soon be added “.

In addition to the shared creation of health services, which is expressed through workshops with citizens and health professionals and the synergy between all skills, the final goal is to build a national community for sharing good practices.

How to log in

All TreC + features can be accessed both from the web portal (trec.trentinosalute.net) and from the app (downloadable free of charge from the main “Stores”) with two “strong” authentication methods: SPID (public digital identity system) , the Provincial Service Card (health card activated and inserted in the USB reader, which remains in use by those who already have it, but is no longer provided to new users) and soon also with the CIE (electronic identity card). Instead, the Security Card (table containing random numbers) has stopped working.

By using the “strong” authentication method, you will be able to take advantage of all the features present in TreC +. By using a “less strong” authentication method (health card number + tax code), you can only access some TreC + functions, the same as they were previously in Fast TreC.

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