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[Try it]The single-player content of “Dying Light 2” is the first to experience looking for inhibitors to avoid mutations into infected persons “Dying Light 2”

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The first-person action RPG game “Dying Light 2 Battle Between Humans and Humans” that combines the three elements of zombies, open world, and parkour(The old translation of “Dying Light 2 Stick to Humanity”, Techland has now changed its traditional Chinese translation)It will be released on February 4, 2022. Bahamut has obtained the trial qualification early, and has tried out a short single-player story content first. Let’s take a look at the changes in the game!

The story of “Dying Light 2” is based on a generation 20 years later, the world has become a ruin, and only a few humans are left to survive. In order to continue to survive in this world, the remaining humans have established settlements that can sustain their lives. However, the surviving people have virus lodgers in their bodies, and they must resist the virus through “inhibitors”, and they must continue to be exposed to ultraviolet rays to prevent them from mutating to become infected.

  • The leader of the survivors “Sophie”

In order to find his sister, the protagonist “Ayden Cradwell”, the player plays, enters one of the only large settlements in the world, “City”, as an outsider. Although there are many lives here, it is also full of crises. As long as you take a step out of the settlement, you will be surrounded by either the infected or the thugs who are ready to rob.

  • image

    The protagonist has the ability of “survivor sensing”, and the footprints of others will turn red in his eyes. So you are a modern wizard?

In addition, players must always use the “biochemical detector” to check whether they have been out of the sun or exposed to outside lines for too long. As long as you enter a dark place and there is no ultraviolet lamp, a countdown will appear on the screen, and if it is reset to zero, it will be “Game Over”. As long as you return to a place exposed to ultraviolet light, time will be restored. So in this demo, you will see that there are many tasks to ensure electricity or repair the lamps.

  • image

    Actually, there is plenty of time. Only when exploring at night will there be a difference.

During the exploration process, a few “inhibitors” can be found, which can prolong the onset time, and can choose one of the two to increase “blood volume” or “stamina”. The value of “HP” and “Stamina” will affect the player’s skill tree development. There are two skill trees in the game, namely “battle” and “parkour”. As long as you continue to fight or run and jump between tall buildings, you will get experience points and skill points. The skill trees on both sides have skills that require HP or enough stamina to learn. Given this limitation, it is necessary to make a good decision in the initial stage whether the inhibitor should be used for HP (combat) or stamina (parkour).

In the battle with the enemy, the second generation is dominated by close combat, as long as you search around you can get a variety of weapons, and you can also collect parts to build your own weapons. Weapons have a variety of rarity, and there are durability limitations, as long as the durability is returned to zero, it will be permanently damaged and disappear. This generation of weapons with special effects is very simple. As long as the corresponding parts are inserted into the holes of the weapon, various effects can be added to the weapon, such as the electric shock of the group stun and so on.

  • image

    Trigger an electric shock to stun enemies in a large area

Armor has six parts, also has a variety of rarities and levels, and is roughly divided into several main types. For example, the “medical” type is light-packed, and it is good at parkour to increase injuries and increase recovery. The “battle” type is good at fighting with light weapons. The “tank” type has strong damage reduction capabilities and is good at fighting with heavy weapons. Players can choose to match these armors according to their favorite combat methods.

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    If you don’t know how to fight giant infected people, just call defense first.

When fighting an enemy, you can use defensive or evasive skills to counter the enemy. The moment the enemy is about to hit you, the defense can instantly make the opponent lean back and chase the enemy easily, but the defense cannot resist heavy attacks and must rely on avoidance to dodge. Just like defense, when the enemy is about to hit you, you will enter the slow-motion bullet time. During this time, you can stretch the distance to recover blood or continuously attack the opponent. Be careful when using avoidance. Although avoidance can be avoided three times in a row, by the third time, you will fall and temporarily be unable to act for a short period of time.

  • image

    Defense can easily make the enemy fall back

Many new elements have been added to parkour in towns. For example, the water tower in the map is the most important stronghold in the game and an important facility for supplying water to the residents of the area. We need to use parkour skills to climb the water tower to start it. After activation, you can choose to give this water tower to the “survivor” or “peacekeeper” camp. If handed to the survivor, there will be many facilities for players to parkour on the map, such as a two-way moving slide or a bounce mat that instantly climbs to a high place. The more you hand, the more types of facilities. The word for peacekeepers is that there will be many lethal traps on the map, such as car bombs or street lights turning into flame bombs.

  • image

    The faction that gets more water towers, the greater the power, will it have an impact on the plot?

  • image

    You will get a “hang gliding wing” around the middle of the game. You can use the updraft between the buildings to quickly move to various areas in the city. It is a very safe means of movement.

Although I only played a small paragraph, I can be sure that it is worthwhile to postpone the game. Many details are done quite well, such as the dialogue in the game, the NPC will not just stand there talking stupidly, there will be various expressions and actions. There are also many different options in the dialogue, which will affect the subsequent development of the plot. Many elements are worth playing for more than two rounds. If you play with your friends in the future, you might as well try different options.


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