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Ubisoft cuts internet service for 15 older games in September

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Ubisoft cuts internet service for 15 older games in September

The launch of a game is often followed by the original network service, from general game obstacle repairs to paid expansion content called DLC, and even some games need to be played through the network, or the game itself is built-in Online game mode, so it needs the network service provided by the original factory to support. But if a game is outdated and there are not many players using network resources anymore, then turning off some functions of the server becomes a cost-saving option for game companies. UbiSoft recently announced that it will shut down the Internet function of 15 classic games, in other words, shut down the server. However, UbiSoft decided to do it all across the board. As a result, these well-known games on the list will have DLC that cannot be downloaded on some console versions. Even if you pay for it yourself, DLC that you are willing to pay for because you love the content of these games will become unavailable for download again.


DLC is a common charging method for modern games. By selling props, costumes or other content, it creates more business opportunities for the game and allows the publishing company to get more revenue. Some games are quite Buddhist. Once DLC is made into a large package, the fees are very cheap or even free. Some games will regard DLC as a source of short-term profit, and continue to introduce DLC to make players lose blood, but affect the content of the game itself. expansion content.

Taking my favorite truck simulation game “European Truck Simulator 2” as an example, the game will launch a new map in the form of DLC. Only by purchasing DLC ​​can you get out of the map boundary of the original game and deliver goods to more countries. Similar measures, providing new plots in DLC, new available characters, new maps and so on.

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However, when the original factory feels that the game has been sold to such an extent that it will never bring better revenue, these free download services or online game modes will be cut in half. Ubisoft did just that, shutting down the servers of these classic games and making them officially history. In the future, even if some players buy these old games whose price has been folded and priced at a very sweet price, it is very likely that they will not be able to download the original DLC.


To put it bluntly, DLC is to expand the content of the game itself. Unless it contains more interesting content than the original, even if it is not downloaded, I believe it will not affect the joy of experiencing the original game. However, for users who have paid for DLC, the original factory will turn off the legal download rights. For players, they have to become “victims of genuine software” and switch to illegally licensed games. to experience the full game content.

Although I can’t understand why UbiSoft is ruthlessly eliminating all network services, perhaps this approach can achieve ideal cost control for the company that has several AAA masterpieces under its control. As for the rights and interests of users, they are all outdated games anyway, and rights and interests are naturally unimportant.


According to information released by UbiSoft, the company expects to suspend online services for 15 games on September 1. These games include older but classic titles such as Ezio’s trilogy from the Assassin’s Creed series on the list. Other “Assassin’s Creed” series have 3 generations, and Freedom Mission is banned. These games are already old games a few years ago. Although their classic status has given UbiSoft the idea of ​​​​continuing this series, UbiSoft has In other words, maybe it’s just an old bone that takes up space and doesn’t produce anything.

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The current list of known games is as follows:

Some games mainly prohibit the multiplayer mode, and some games are abandoned because the host is too old (such as the PS3 platform). In any case, these games have accompanied many players to have a good time. I believe that although they have been eliminated by the game company, these games are still very attractive to players who love them. As for DLC, you may look for it on the Internet, and you may find many surprising “free trial versions” not necessarily.

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