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Ubisoft releases interactive music learning service “Rocksmith +”-Rocksmith+

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At today’s Ubisoft Forward conference, Ubisoft announced the subscription service “Rocksmith +” that allows players to learn how to play guitar and bass through their favorite songs. Based on the award-winning “Rocksmith” method that has helped nearly 50 million people learn to play the guitar*, “Rocksmith +” will be available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®5, Xbox One and Xbox One in the fall of 2021. Launched on the PlayStation®4 platform. “Rocksmith +” will be released on iOS and Android devices in the future.

“Rocksmith +”, which is compatible with acoustic, electronic and bass guitars, will initially bring thousands of songs, and the volume of songs will expand to millions in the future. Song types span rock, classical, independent, Alternative, hip-hop, pop, metal, country, Latin, rhythm and blues, etc. When it is launched, “Rocksmith +” will provide a variety of authentic arrangements, presenting the songs in the way the artist/singer originally played. All the songs in the song library can be played with a chord table, allowing players to hum and sing. While playing.

Users can take advantage of a complete set of new and improved practice tools, including the “Riff Repeater” which allows them to directly practice specific passages in their favorite songs, and allows “Rocksmith+” to be played by guitar players Their skill level dynamically adjusts the difficulty of the “Adaptive Difficulty (Adaptive Difficulty)”. The purpose of these tools is to give guitar players full control of their learning process.

Ubisoft’s San Francisco studio, which developed “Rocksmith +”, is the team behind “Rocksmith”, which has provided guitar teaching content for more than 10 years. “Rocksmith +” is also the only interactive type that uses official song mastering and provides powerful instant feedback. Music learning subscription service. 95% of “Rocksmith Rock Smith” guitar players have improved their skills, and “Rocksmith Rock Smith+” built on mature methods will continue to add new songs, new learning modes and new practice tools in the next few years . In addition to gaining advancement in playing skills, users can also watch free online videos and learn correct techniques, music theory, equipment, instrument maintenance, and more.

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In addition, users can use the “mobile phone as microphone technology” provided by the “Rocksmith+ Connect” mobile app to play acoustic guitars or electric music instruments and amplifiers. By pairing the user’s mobile device or console, the microphone on the device will pick up their guitar-allowing them to perform without additional equipment. “Rocksmith +” is also compatible with consoles using “Rocksmith Real Tone Audio Cable”.

The new user-generated content system “Rocksmith Workshop” allows users to add arrangements from the pre-authorized song list to the song library, which will bring the music community into the core of “Rocksmith +”. This is the first time that the “Rocksmith” community has more control over additional arrangements at will. The open-to-use “Rocksmith Workshop” will allow users to create all aspects of a song from adaptation to timbre. The quality of the community arrangement will be checked by peers and made available to all users.

“Rocksmith +” has the world’s premier learning tools, so people don’t have to worry about suspicion when learning music. However, even the world’s leading music learning software needs to be fine-tuned to meet the millions of new songs that will be added in the future.

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