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Wave of competitions in Sicilian healthcare, up for grabs over 500 places

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Wave of competitions in Sicilian healthcare, up for grabs over 500 places

At the Asp of Caltanissetta there is the stake at stake is the highest: 192 permanent hires. In Syracuse there are 99 places to be assigned. And then there are 130 fixed-term positions put on the table by the Agrigento provincial health agency. These are the largest numbers of a round of competitions in public health which overall is worth 509 hires plus an avalanche of stabilizations of doctors and nurses hired on precarious contracts during the pandemic.

Asp and hospital managers have resumed signing tenders that aim to fill the gaps in the new organic plants, those launched by the Musumeci government exactly one year ago. The numbers show that the tenders that have been published for a few days or are about to be published are the richest of the last year and in some cases even the most anticipated because they are open not only to doctors and healthcare professionals, but also to administrative and technical figures.

Recruitment in Caltanissetta

The most important announcement is that of the Asp of Caltanissetta, which offers positions as medical directors in various departments: 42 in medicine and emergency surgery, 20 in anesthesia and resuscitation, 6 in cardiology, 13 in general surgery, 10 in radiodiagnostics, 16 in psychiatry, 2 in vascular surgery, 2 in palliative care (hospice), 1 in dermatology, 4 in hematology, 2 in gastroenterology, 1 in infectious diseases, 8 in physical and rehabilitation medicine, 1 in nuclear medicine , 3 in transfusion medicine, 3 in neurosurgery, 6 in neurology, 3 in neuroradiology, 6 in ophthalmology, 3 in medical oncology, 7 in orthopedics, 7 in gynecology, 2 in otorhinolaryngology, 3 in clinical pathology, 5 in pulmonology, 3 in urology, 1 in pain therapy, 2 in child neuropsychiatry, 4 in public hygiene, 1 in organization of basic health services, 2 in occupational medicine, 3 in forensic medicine.
The start of the presentation of applications will start only when the notice is published in the Italian Official Gazette: from there, those who want to participate will have 30 days to come forward.

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I precarious Covid

The Asp of Caltanissetta has also decided to stabilize the temporary workers who worked in the Covid emergency, provided that they have been called for fixed-term contracts after a selective procedure and have accumulated at least 18 months (even non-consecutive) of service. Also in this case the start of the questions will start after the publication of the notice in the Italian Official Gazette. The Cervello-Villa Sofia hospital in Palermo has also launched a similar operation: the announcement is ready.

The posts in Palermo and Syracuse

In Palermo, the most significant tender is that of the Asp, which is giving away 53 permanent positions as medical director: 36 in physical and rehabilitation medicine, 15 in radiodiagnostics and 2 in pediatrics. Also in Palermo, the Cervello has also published the tender to assign 3 posts as medical director of vascular surgery. The Asp of Syracuse is instead looking for 99 medical managers: 12 for the anesthesia and resuscitation departments, 20 for emergency and acceptance medicine and surgery, 10 for psychiatry, 10 for obstetrics and gynecology, 12 for the organization of basic health services, 2 for respiratory system diseases, 3 for infectious diseases, 2 for hematology, 5 for geriatrics, 5 for physical and rehabilitation medicine, 1 for urology, 1 for pharmacology, 4 for occupational medicine, 1 for hospital medical management, 2 for neurology, 1 for otorhinolaryngology, 1 for radiodiagnostics, 2 for epidemiology and public hygiene. The last 5 places are intended for veterinarians. Also in this case, the start of questions only after the publication of the announcement in the Italian Official Gazette.

Term contracts

More or less for the same departments, the Papardo hospital in Messina is also looking for 22 medical directors. The announcement will be published shortly. While the announcement has already been published with which the Asp of Agrigento is giving away 130 fixed-term positions, in this case also opening up technical figures. The competition provides for 43 positions as category D professional administrative collaborator, 53 as category C administrative assistant, 10 as civil/construction engineer collaborator, 8 as socio-pedagogical educator, 16 as social worker. Applications can already be submitted and the deadline expires on December 27th. Two positions as administrative assistant are also giving away the orders of the Doctors of Trapani and Catania.

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