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The question of whether apps help you lose weight is still an open question, as is the question of “the” anti-obesity coaching that no one has developed yet. It’s similar with the fusion reactors: In 20 years they will be ready for operation if we don’t let up on our research – in the future, obesity treatment will probably amount to a daily anti-obese pill, an idea that does not evoke well-being everywhere .

We also feel uneasy just thinking about the climate, and we find no comfort in a scientific explanation:

“You see how science works. I find that so exciting, the word: science (you hear knowledge creates!). That’s a very nice word in German. It’s a process. That means you deal with something and have to keep checking it.” Sven Plöger on ZDF, July 11, 2023

Compared to our past, today’s technology falls back on old prior knowledge – whoever speaks of “powerlessness of science” must also speak of the errors and omissions of science and the general lack of reason. “The Enlightenment” didn’t bring much, preference is usually given to:

The short joke instead of reason

Anyone who loves bright colors, wants to spend a four to five-digit amount for a week of “fun” and is free from ecological scruples can book “Cruise Maximum” now.

From a historical perspective, whole societies have inexplicably perished; inexplicable at least as long as the word “decadence” has not appeared. That is why the decline or depravity of society is not perceived, interpreted and scientifically researched as a phenomenon of the times.

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“According to the shipping company, there are 28 different types of accommodation on deck, including a three-story townhouse, with a white picket fence and its own mailbox.”

According to this classification, this means that there are 28 graded classes of customers on board, with the “underdogs” voluntarily going into a daylight-free inside cabin with more or less engine noise – the accommodations of the rounded 2 1/2 thousand crew stand on another page.

If you go on a cycling holiday instead of booking a flight and boat trip, participants in the holiday industry will simply be worthless, but frequent flyers have also thanked the Co2 savers because they can use fossil energy with a clear conscience (or even more unscrupulous?). could squander.

Private jets, yachts, caviar: how do the super-rich affect the climate?

“I care about the environment”

The richest 10% in Germany now emit more than the poorer half of the population. Of course there are reasons. Security, for example, if you wear an expensive wristwatch, you can’t travel by train and take a private jet.

You can also feel sorry for the pilots, stewards and chief stewardesses, who would have to look for another job if everything is to go well.

You could stay in your own country and take nice short breaks in the region.

We are in the provinces, in Bad Schwalbach, district and spa town, not exactly a metropolis. The well-intentioned drinking water fountain in the shadow-free pedestrian zone is dry, but is adorned with an old beer bottle. With all the lovelessness, it smells of decay.

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Disused sanatoriums stand at the edge of the spa park:

It has (had) its charm, but “there has to be life in the booth”!

If necessary, by sending those suffering from obesity, who could benefit from a cure, to a cure – and if you mobilize them cost-effectively by giving them broad bean skins and a diet containing vegetables!

This photo is also available in “large”; The slogan “here’s health in it” doesn’t just fit natural moor and healing water, and if the city wanted to reactivate “their” rail connection, the regional world could get a little better:

With new health services such as long-term, ultimately preventive anti-obesity coaching and loyal, loyal customers, the localzugdeveloping and designing the area only through the railway connection.

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