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What are the brain differences between women and men?

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What are the brain differences between women and men?

The brain differences between women and men they have always been at the center of anecdotes and scientific studies. The two genders are designed by nature very differently. This statement shared by many finds yet another confirmation in a scientific study that used artificial intelligence.

The results underline how there are fundamental differences in the brain system that helps us process our self-image. Substantial differences also exist in the striatum and limbic systems, which are involved in learning and people’s response to rewards.

Brain differences between women and men: size doesn’t matter

I researchers from Stanford University they say the study helps resolve a long-standing controversy over whether there are physical differences in the brains of women and men.

Already several studies in the past they have already highlighted the differences in the way women and men think. The former have better memory and language skills. The latter are more fun and have a more precise sense of direction.

We have practically always known that Men’s brains are one tenth larger than women’s, respectively on average 1.37 kilograms versus 1.27. The experts explained that the difference in weight has nothing to do with greater or lesser intelligence, also because otherwise large animals such as whales or gorillas would have to be super intelligent.

Men more ironic than women

Not only the new research, but also previous research, confirms that men are generally funnier than women. In 2019 the University of North Carolina analyzed about twenty studies that measured participants’ sense of humor.

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The results left no room for doubt. Men were 63% funnier than women. Of course this doesn’t mean that all men are funny and all women are not. Evolution most likely has something to do with it. Women have always loved ironic men, judging them intelligent. Intelligence is fundamental to the survival of the species.

Brain differences between women and men: rationality

Here the women win. Men have less logical ability, even though they are better at making extreme decisions. She confirmed it an Australian meta-analysiswhich put almost one hundred studies on the topic under the magnifying glass.

The theory of evolution would also have something to do with this. Men had to stand out from the average to attract women and therefore make extreme decisions. Women, on the other hand, had to use logic to manage the family.


Here it is clear that the theory of evolution has something to do with it. Historically men sailed, went hunting, in short they had to know where to go and how to get home. A study from the University of Illinois last month confirmed this ability by analyzing a lot of research done on the topic.

Brain differences between women and men: the mEmory

There is no competition here. The women win overwhelmingly. Several studies they compared the ability to remember of women and men and practically all tests have confirmed that women are better at this.

However, the ability to remember decreases more rapidly in women. After menopause, women’s and men’s ability to remember becomes similar. This condition is due to the collapse of estradiol levels, a hormone that has a lot to do with the memory centers.

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Some studies suggest that women are better than men at learning a foreign language. The British Council, the British body that organizes English courses around the world, has revealed that Twice as many girls pass their GCSE tests as their peers.

However, a 2020 study by the University of Dublin argued that there were also cultural reasons. Families encourage girls to study languages; children towards the study of science.


It has always been thought that women are the most capable of expressing emotions. Research from the University of Pennsylvania scanned the brains of nearly 1,000 people between the ages of 8 and 22 to analyze their cortices.

They found that women have a greater connection between the left and right sides of the brain. This means that women are more easily able to process emotions and understand other people’s intentions.

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