Home Health What happens to those who eat tomatoes for high cholesterol and chocolate for high blood sugar? Incredible

What happens to those who eat tomatoes for high cholesterol and chocolate for high blood sugar? Incredible

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Tomatoes have lycopene which is a molecule that protects cells from cholesterol damage. Chocolate raises sugar levels. Those with high blood sugar are better off limiting their consumption.

How to eat tomatoes to lower cholesterol?

Tomatoes should be eaten in the form of juice. Research has shown that they reduce inflammation markers such as TNF-α and IL-6. They also improve endothelial function, which is related to a lower risk of atherosclerosis. Drinking their juice leads to a marked reduction in bad cholesterol and a slight increase in the good one. Lycopene can interact with HMG CoA reductase, an enzyme in the liver that helps make cholesterol.

How to eat chocolate to lower blood sugar?

It is necessary to resort to the dark one. A high-cocoa square is full of antioxidants that help the body use its insulin more efficiently. This helps to control high blood sugar. It helps reduce blood sugar levels naturally because it leads the body to use insulin. In other words, flavonols appear to improve the ability of some cells to secrete insulin, the hormone that manages blood sugar.

What nutritional values ​​do tomatoes possess?

They have anticancer properties. They are rich in vitamins. They are suitable for those suffering from gout, asthenia, rheumatism, uremia, hypertension, nephritis, constipation. They facilitate the digestion of foods that contain starches and calm inflammation of the digestive and intestinal tract. Tomatoes can also be used as natural cosmetics and are useful for preventing various diseases and dysfunctions such as rheumatism and food poisoning. Here are the minerals that tomatoes contain in milligrams:

  • Potassium 290.
  • Phosphorus 26.
  • Football 11.
  • Sodium 3.
  • Ferro 0,4.
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What nutritional values ​​does chocolate have?

The fondant fights free radicals thanks to antioxidants which include vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals – useful compounds of plants. Two groups of these substances prevail and are flavonoids and polyphenols. Cocoa has the highest content of polyphenols and flavonoids. The higher its percentage the more antioxidants you consume. Chocolate with a lot of cocoa has anticancer properties and improves heart health again thanks to flavonols. Here are the minerals in milligrams that a hectogram of dark chocolate contains:

  • Potassium 290.
  • Phosphorus 147.
  • Magnesium 113.
  • Football 24.
  • Sodium 16.
  • Selenium 2.8.
  • Ferro 2.76.
  • Zinc 1.5.
  • Copper 0.574.
  • Manganese 0.494.
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