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Which foods are most harmful to bones: experts agree, this is the list of foods to limit

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Which foods are most harmful to bones: experts agree, this is the list of foods to limit

Some foods represent a real risk for bones according to experts and should therefore be eliminated from the diet.

Bone health also passes from the power supply and that’s why there are foods that support it and help the absorption of calcium and others that are only harmful and should therefore be limited as much as possible.

It is above all women in the third age who suffer from this problem, however in case of pain, difficulty walking or total blockage of the limbs it is important to understand what it is.

Foods harmful to bones

Calcium is the fundamental element for the bone health, this has various functions but also serves for muscle relaxation and contraction of the same, for this reason bone problems are often accompanied by damage that is related to the muscles. The mineral is used for coagulation, for nerve impulses and for many other relevant factors, so you always need to have the right amount.

Foods to avoid for calcium (tantasalute.it)

An adult should consume 1000 mg of calcium every day, however the quantity is not always this and also depends on various conditions. With the diet, realistically, we take only 30% of what we need because, even in the best diets, we still lose a percentage through our needs. Calcium is captured in the intestine, here thanks to vitamin D3 it is absorbed and then assimilated by the body.

The use of some substances further limits this process and therefore the contribution falls below 30%, already low percentage. Instead of taking supplements immediately and without medical advice, you need to vary your diet, eliminating dangerous foods from this point of view. The first is salt, when there is an excessive consumption of sodium in the diet this increases the amount of calcium that is excreted in the urine. Carbonated drinks are another enemy because they supply a lot of phosphorus to the body, this and calcium are useful but they must go hand in hand otherwise if there is an excess of phosphorus, calcium is penalized and decreases.

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Even potato chips in bags should not be consumed because they are rich in salt, an excess of legumes can prove harmful because it leads to a large amount of phytic acid which creates insoluble salts which therefore inhibit the absorption of calcium. You always need to soak them at least 12 hours before (those of the dry type) in this way the problem is almost completely reduced.

Il cheese it is not always a good thing as one can imagine, in fact an excessive quantity also leads to a large quantity of phosphorus and therefore to a reduction in absorption. Yes you can read the label to know this value and prefer cheeses that contain less. Also limit chocolate which, due to the iron and other minerals, easily eliminates everything with the feces, even calcium.

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