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Why do we tolerate 190 child pornography chats on Telegram?

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When it was discovered that on a couple of Telegram channels thousands of users were exchanging digital copies of the daily newspapers that they could therefore read without paying, we shouted at the end of the information, even asserting that the future of the journalism and obtained the closure of the aforementioned channels. When always on Telegram a group of exalted No Vax opened the Enough Dictatorship channel to organize the resistance to the Green Pass, we feared no less than the insurrection and the channel was closed directly by the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov. But if by doing so we have “saved” journalism and democratic institutions, I wonder why nothing happens on the front of pornography, blackmail against women, sexual violence even against minors. For some time, in fact, an organization of experts calling itself PermessoNegato periodically plumbs the Telegram channels to monitor the phenomenon. Two numbers since the last report. The first: 190 Telegram groups / channels are active in sharing non-consensual pornographic material intended for an Italian audience. The second: there are almost 9 million registered non-unique users who frequent them. Considering the duplications, an estimate of six million is reached. Six million people who exchange sexual videos of women even very young without their consent. They are videos of former partners who want to take revenge or illegally stolen on platforms like OnlyFans. They are not harmless. The chats published in the report clearly show users asking for videos with “girls” or otherwise violent. This thing we do not find out today. Reports have been issued for two years: with the only result that groups and users grow. They doubled in one year. Why does nobody do anything? Why do we tolerate this market of horrors against women? Why don’t the postal police or the founder Pavel Durov, who professes to be a champion of freedoms and civil rights, intervene?

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