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Why you should never sleep with your room door open at night

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Why you should never sleep with your room door open at night

Many people sleep at night with their room door open. However, the Institute for Security Research (FSRI) in the USA warns against exactly this behavior.

According to a study by security researchers, most people believe it is safer to sleep with the door open. However, exactly the opposite is the case.

Open bedroom door is not a good idea at night

In the event of a fire, a closed door can, in extreme cases, mean the difference between life and death.

If access to the bedroom is tight, flames and toxic smoke can spread less quickly. This means that the oxygen content is maintained and the temperature does not rise as much.

As the security institute reports, in recent years those affected have only had an average of three minutes to escape a house fire. That is significantly less than about ten years ago. The reason for this is the increased use of plastics in house construction, but also in furniture and decorative items. The highly combustible materials ensure that a fire spreads more quickly. Closing the door is therefore a suitable strategy to protect yourself prophylactically in the event of a possible fire.

Which doors in the house should remain closed at night

In the USA, the safety organization launched an advertising campaign together with the fire department to draw attention to the dangers and precautions of a potential fire.

Not only your own bedroom should be closed, but also all children’s and guest rooms. Smoke detectors, which trigger an alarm in the event of a fire, also provide additional security.

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