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Bitter tears for Sophia Thiel because of Alexandru Ionel

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Bitter tears for Sophia Thiel because of Alexandru Ionel

“Let’s Dance” fans don’t begrudge Sophia Thiel her dance partner Alexandru Ionel

For her, this year’s “Let’s Dance” season is likely to be the biggest challenge: Fitness influencer Sophia Thiel (28) took a two-year break from social media in 2019 because she was under the Eating disorder bulimia nervousa, followed by anxiety disorders. To this day, the bodybuilder is fighting against her illness and the depression that comes with it. Presenting herself weekly in a live show in front of an audience of millions, knowing full well that she is not infallible when it comes to dancing, is getting on Sophia’s nerves. “Es pushes me to my physical and mental limits. I would have thought that bodybuilding was hard, […] “But somehow I’m just now wishing I could go back to my toughest strength training phase since I started dancing.”admits the 28-year-old in her “Four Breasts for a Hallelujah” podcast with sex and relationship coach Paula Lambert (49).

Sophia Thiel already had one after the introductory show suffered a nervous breakdown – and that’s especially due to her “Let’s Dance” partner Alexandru Ionel (29). The professional dancer, who also works as a dentist in addition to the RTL show, is considered absolute Crowd favorite – but unfortunately it never made it past Show 1 in its first few seasons. When he is now partnered with Sophia, the excitement among the “Let’s Dance” fans is great. In the Instagram comments, the influencer reads statements like: “‘Why does Alex always get the least talented one? It’s bordering on bullying that he’s thrown out right at the beginning because he gets the worst” and “Have you seen his wife? How she looked [als Sophia und Alex als Tanzpaar verkündet wurden] not even she was happy’ or ‘Alex would have with Lulu [Lewe] should be together‘”.

Nervous breakdown after getting to know each other – “Crying all morning”

Too much for Sophia Thiel, who feels guilty about the hateful comments online. I would be with Massimo [Sinató] If I had been partnered, I would have received less hate, the blonde is sure. The morning after the introductory show, she wrote a message to Alexandru Ionel saying she was sorry. The professional tries to calm Sophia down, but the dark thoughts in her head are too loud. “I’m completely fucked up, completely hysterical, burst into tears. […] I have cried all morning, she describes in the podcast. Paula Lambert confirms: “I’ve never seen Sophia so exhausted.”

If Sophia Thiel had her way, she would change her dance partner immediately so that Alexandru Ionel would finally have a better chance in the race for the “Dancing Star” title. I’m not crying because of me, but because of you, she explains to the world champion in ballroom dancing. But without Sophia, Alexandru might not have achieved its best placement to date on “Let’s Dance”. Who knows what top performances the two of them can motivate each other to achieve?

The 17th season of “Let’s Dance” has been running every Friday at 8:15 p.m. on RTL since February 23, 2024 RTL+.

Source used: “Four Breasts for a Hallelujah” podcast

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