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Windows 11 update has doubled AMD Ryzen CPU latency

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Not long after Windows 11 was launched, it was unexpected that problems immediately appeared. AMD has stated that Windows 11 does have problems with AMD processor cores: Ryzen processors have encountered two performance problems in Windows 11. The second is that when fewer cores are used, higher performance cores are not preferred to perform tasks. Recently, a new version of Windows 11 repair 22000.258 was released, but the update has made the L3 cache delay of Ryzen Cpu more serious, up to three times the original.

TechPowerUp used Ryzen 2700X for testing, the L3 delay of Windows 10 was about 10ns, while the L3 delay of Windows 11 before the update was 17ns, and the L3 delay after the update was extended to 31.9ns in one fell swoop. Some foreign media estimate that this time Windows 11 caused AMD processor L3 cache memory delay problem is expected to be improved in the update next Tuesday (10/18). On the other hand, AMD has also determined that it will launch Windows 11 core revision updates for its Ryzen series on October 21 to ensure that AMD users can use the Windows 11 operating system more smoothly in the future.

Windows 11 has been open to consumers to try the Beta version for a period of time earlier, and a large amount of processor information has also been collected. This time, facing the serious performance decline of the current popular AMD platform, it is really unexpected.

Source: The Verge

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