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Woman died in operating room due to medical error, surgeon sentenced to pay 400 thousand euros

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Woman died in operating room due to medical error, surgeon sentenced to pay 400 thousand euros

He signed false daily maintenance and processing reports (indicating interventions never carried out or carried out with different methods) thus misleading the works director and the managers who had issued and endorsed the certificate of completion of the works. Ending up in the sights of the regional prosecutor’s office of the Court of Auditors, an Anas official which held – at the time of the disputed facts – the position of operations director of nine contracts examined. He therefore received an invitation to deduce: in addition to the crimes of aggravated fraud against Anas, ideological falsehood and corruption had to answer for financial damage amounting to half a million euros (565,884.64 euros). An Anas manager also ended up in trouble, guilty of having proceeded with the direct awarding of a contract aimed at carrying out road intervention services that were never carried out. The same manager also certified the regular execution of the contracted works for an amount higher than that owed to the contractor. It is just one of the most striking cases that have animated the investigative activity of the Accounting Prosecutor’s Office and which emerged during the inauguration ceremony of the judicial year of the Jurisdictional Section of the Court of Auditors which took place yesterday in Trieste.

Numerous cases of damage in healthcare starting from the invitation to deduct (of almost 400 thousand euros) against a surgeon of a hospital in the province of Udine for having performed a wrong maneuver during the removal of an umbilical hernia which resulted in the patient’s death. And then the case of gynecologist doctor convicted for an incorrect diagnosis of spontaneous abortion and of the gynecologist condemned to repay 100 thousand euros for the death of a stillborn child due to a “seriously culpable management of the birth” we read in the report of the Regional Prosecutor Tiziana Spedicato.

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Mariagrazia Ciccolella, died after the weight loss operation: death during the CT scan. The investigation begins

Then there is room for damage caused by the illicit perception of regional contributions: this is the case of a sports association and its legal representative for the organization of sporting events. Compensation of 96,994 euros was requested while an investigation is underway for damage to the treasury caused by the crime of aggravated fraud for the achievement of public funds aimed at issuing energy efficiency certificates (white certificates). The Accounting Prosecutor’s Office has also started – in collaboration with the European Prosecutor’s Office – two investigations linked to damage to the treasury resulting from the crime of aggravated fraud in terms of union and regional contributions (fraud against the EU, the granting body, the Fvg Region for capital contributions coming from Por-Fesr 2014-2020 community funds). The fiscal damages amount to 1.4 million and 113,159 euros. The school sector is not free from mismanagement: this is the case of the director of general and administrative services of educational institutions who stole financial resources by issuing payment orders for his benefit. The disputed financial damage amounts to 110,051 euros. And again the support administrator who appropriated sums illicitly stolen from the fragile person entrusted to his care: damage to his image amounting to 50 thousand euros.

And finally the police: two State Police employees had sums of money delivered to them by foreign drivers of vehicles in the border area, presenting them with serious non-existent traffic violations and guaranteeing that they will not pay fines in exchange for the cash in their possession. An assistant of the State Police, however, illegally arrested an acquaintance to compromise his reputation: the disputed damage is 30 thousand euros. Then there is the employee of Financial police who abused his role to formalize a false crime report and unfounded to the detriment of the rival in love. Three summonses were issued against three people who simulated illness or aggravated the symptoms of the illness they actually suffered by not working, upon presentation of health certification.

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