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Yelp’s Predictions for the Top Wellness and Lifestyle Trends of 2024

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Yelp’s Predictions for the Top Wellness and Lifestyle Trends of 2024

Yelp Predicts Top Wellness and Lifestyle Trends for 2024

Yelp, the business review platform that analyzes millions of reviews across different industries, is revealing its predictions for the top wellness and lifestyle trends for 2024. One of the major trends anticipated for the upcoming year is the rise of stretch classes as a popular alternative to yoga in the group fitness space.

The report indicates that searches for Pilates are up 71% year over year, and there is a significant increase in searches for stretching and flexibility workouts, which are up more than 35%, compared to a 10% increase in searches for yoga. This trend reflects a growing interest in high-quality workouts with low impact that can help reduce pain and increase range of motion.

The low-impact fitness space has also seen a resurgence of retro favorites like step aerobics (up 54%) and Jazzercise (up 16%). Celebrities have been endorsing low-impact workouts, with stars like Jennifer Aniston promoting Pvolve’s science-backed functional movement franchise.

Another notable trend is the increasing popularity of cold immersion therapy, which has seen a staggering 521% increase in searches. This trend is attributed to active individuals seeking ways to maintain performance and improve their bodies’ resilience, with potential benefits including improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and increased energy levels.

The report also notes a growing demand for “sober and curious” options among Generation Z and millennials, with searches for mocktails up 137% compared to last year. As more people seek alcohol-free nights out, bars and restaurants are embracing the trend by offering complex and sophisticated mocktails.

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Additionally, infrared sauna therapy has seen a 40% increase in interest compared to last year. This self-care trend is believed to increase energy levels, aid recovery from intense workouts, and improve skin health.

The top beauty and wellness trends for 2024 were determined by analyzing search preferences to discover evolving habits and trends around active spaces and lifestyles. Yelp analyzed millions of reviews for words, phrases, and businesses in different categories to predict the most requested trends in salons, spas, and gyms.

With these trends on the horizon, it’s clear that the wellness and lifestyle landscape is evolving to accommodate a growing interest in alternative fitness methods and self-care practices.

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