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Youth addictions, what are the signs that families must not overlook

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Youth addictions, what are the signs that families must not overlook

Services for Under 25s Aim to Prevent Addiction Issues

A new article sheds light on the services available for young people under 25 to prevent substance abuse, gaming, and internet addiction that may lead to pathological behaviors in adulthood. These services, some of which operate separately from adult services and others within the same facilities, are designed to provide early intervention and support for young individuals at risk.

One key service highlighted in the article is the early diagnosis and treatment service at Santi Paolo e Carlo Asst in Milan, catered to individuals between 14 and 24 years old. The team of professionals at these services includes psychotherapists, educators, social workers, and nurses who work together to address substance abuse issues, risky behaviors related to gambling and excessive gaming, and other addictive tendencies.

The article also outlines the assistance process for young individuals seeking help, which typically involves assessing personal resources, identifying triggers for addictive behaviors, and providing therapy or counseling options. Family therapy sessions are also offered to improve communication and strengthen bonds within the family unit.

Recognizing the signs of addiction is crucial, and the article suggests contacting the services if sudden changes in mood, decline in performance, or irregular behaviors are observed. The duration of the treatment may vary from a few months to a year, and medications may be prescribed with parental consent.

In cases where the family environment is highly dysfunctional, young individuals may be referred to specialized communities like Androna Giovani, a center reserved for individuals under 25. These communities offer psychotherapy interventions, creative workshops, educational activities, and support in reactivating individual potential.

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Overall, the article emphasizes the importance of early intervention and support for young individuals at risk of addiction, highlighting the dedicated services available to address these issues and prevent long-term consequences.

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