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Zombie deer disease, risk of “species jump”. What it is and why it is alarming

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Zombie deer disease, risk of “species jump”.  What it is and why it is alarming

Zombie Deer Disease: The Alarming Epidemic Sweeping North America

In North America, an alarming number of deer are falling victim to chronic wasting disease (CWD), also known as “zombie deer disease.” This neurodegenerative illness has been catching the attention of scientists and causing concern due to the lack of effective treatment or vaccine.

The disease, caused by prions, infectious protein particles that cause brain damage, presents with symptoms such as foaming at the mouth, dull eyes, and serious coordination difficulties in affected animals. What is causing further alarm, however, is the fact that a sick deer can infect others, putting entire ecosystems and numerous animals in danger.

One of the most pressing questions circulating the web is whether the “zombie deer disease” can have repercussions on human health. According to a study in The Journal of Neuroscience, there would be a “substantial species barrier for the transmission of moose CWD to humans,” making the transmission of the disease quite difficult. Nevertheless, Wired reports that although no known cases of human encephalopathies attributable to chronic wasting disease exist, direct and indirect exposure should not be underestimated, as a species jump could lead to serious difficulties.

As the epidemic continues to spread, scientists and researchers are working tirelessly to find a solution to this pressing issue. The potential threat to both animal and human health makes it imperative to monitor the situation closely, and take preventative measures to limit the spread of this concerning disease.

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