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Zoo Fitness, burning 600 calories in half an hour is possible!

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Zoo Fitness, burning 600 calories in half an hour is possible!

In the world of fitness, a new trend is making waves – the simulation of animal movements in high-intensity training. With Zoo Fitness leading the way, burning 600 calories in just 30 minutes of exercise is now a reality. This form of training is not only effective but also gaining popularity, as more people are looking to shake up their workout routines.

The Tarzan Movement and Primitive Functional Movement are two disciplines that have also garnered attention. Inspired by the animal world, these workouts involve free body sessions in continuous contact with the ground, using touch as a way to regain awareness of one’s body in space. These movements are not only physically challenging but also mentally stimulating, providing a holistic approach to fitness.

The success of the Tarzan Movement, created by Cuban Victor Manuel Fleites, has seen a surge in online searches, with more than 830 thousand followers on Instagram. This cultural movement focuses on returning to origins, observing life with new eyes, and being in contact with nature as a form of healing.

In addition to Tarzan Movement, the Primitive Movement is also gaining traction, emphasizing primitive movements to evolve and adapt to the environment. This form of fitness combines formal refinement with making the formal response more economical, aesthetic, and effective.

Zoo Fitness takes inspiration from Tarzan and Primitive movement, mimicking the movements of animals to burn calories efficiently. In 2017, it ranked in the top 10 most practiced disciplines in US gyms. The exercises are performed at high intensity intervals, combining aerobic and anaerobic movements such as frog jumping and bear walking.

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As the fitness industry continues to evolve, these animal-inspired movements offer a fresh and exciting way to stay fit and healthy. Whether you’re swinging from tree branches like Tarzan or mimicking animal movements at Zoo Fitness, there’s no denying the effectiveness and appeal of these innovative workout routines.

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