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12 Beijing Grand Canal leisure tourism boutique routes released involving 7 districts_文化

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Original title: 12 Beijing Grand Canal leisure tourism boutique routes released involving 7 districts

CCTV, Beijing, October 12 (Reporter Song Xue) The Grand Canal has played an important role in the historical development of Beijing, leaving behind a rich historical relic and carrying precious cultural memories. Recently, in order to allow more citizens and tourists to understand Beijing’s profound cultural heritage and feel the humanistic care, cultural charm and cultural charm of the Canal Culture, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism has meticulously planned 12 Beijing Grand Canal leisure tourism boutique routes .

The 12 boutique leisure and tourism routes of the Grand Canal in Beijing are “Slow Canal Cruise, Looking Back at History for Thousands of Years”, “Silver Ingot Viewing Mountains, Relaxing Gardens, and Knowing Water Transport”, “Flowers and Lights Reflecting the Water, and the Falling Shadows Are Not Young at Night”, and “Ancient Charm and New Wind, Canal “Zhibinpin Culture”, “Looking back to the origins of the ancient canal, touching the ancient relics of the canal”, “Inspiration encounters, creative towns immersed in literature and art” “Holiday appointments, Chinese and Western culture experience” “The old road slows down, the scholarly Beijing tastes’yun’ taste” “‘ “Royal trip, cruise ship to enjoy the scenery and look for scenery”, “Water transportation and shipping shore, the past and present water transportation is prosperous”, “Slow life, prosperous city is close to nature”, “The other shore is fruity, the golden autumn is a festival of heritage”, involving the east city related to the canal , Xicheng, Tongzhou and other 7 districts.

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According to reports, these routes not only cover the entire area of ​​the Beijing Grand Canal Cultural Belt, but also highlight the sub-centers of water-city harmony, blue-green interweaving, cultural heritage, and the characteristics of the North Canal section; they also summarize the cultural tourism along the Beijing section of the Grand Canal. The resource point also includes fashionable and modern Internet celebrity check-in sites suitable for young groups, allowing people to experience the charm of the times of “traditional culture and modern civilization in the Beijing section of the Grand Canal, and the historical context and fashion creativity complement each other”; it not only covers traditional sightseeing Scenic spots and cultural and cultural institutions have launched well-known dining recommendations that can drive and expand consumption, allowing people to relax while fully releasing the potential of cultural tourism and tourism consumption.Return to Sohu to see more


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