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30 percent share: Apple changes its mind about popular app – and now takes action on tips | News

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30 percent share: Apple changes its mind about popular app – and now takes action on tips |  News

Thu, 12:03·Apple Services·bkApple never tires of emphasizing how important the App Store is as a central (and only) point of contact for ensuring a high level of security for iPhones. Critics, however, emphasize that fake apps that have fraudulent intentions continue to make their way onto the platform. In fact, cases like this crop up again and again – most recently with a crypto wallet application (see here). Now Apple is causing annoyance among the developers of a popular meditation app: The company is surprisingly demanding a share in the tip.

Apple doesn’t take commission on donations – actually
If you need meditation with instructions, you will find a whole range of apps in the App Store, including: Insight Timer. The business model is based on in-app purchases and subscriptions. Furthermore, users who are satisfied with their teacher can give them a tip. This has been working for over a year via a payment system outside of the App Store, so it was accepted by Apple. According to Apple’s rules, such a payment must be a completely optional option for the donor and the entire amount must reach the recipient. However, if such a gift is linked to the receipt of digital content or services, Cupertino requires the in-house payment system.

After a year, Apple now wants to share in sales
Sea TechCrunch This practice has proven itself: in twelve months, Apple approved 47 updates to the app without complaining about the procedure. At the end of last year, however, the group changed its mind: the tip would no longer be declared as a monetary gift if several participants in a course made payments, which would require a 30 percent share of sales. Insight Times CEO Christopher Plowman then tried to reach a compromise with Apple. Ultimately, he complied with Cupertino’s new requirements. He does not want to start a dispute with Apple and believes that the problem is due to the lack of intervention by the regulators. Plowman doesn’t understand the shift, and it’s unclear to him why companies like Airbnb and Uber are exempt from the commissions.

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The revenue sharing only reduces the income for the trainers and not for Insight Time. Apple always causes displeasure with decisions like this. Developers complain, for example, that there is little they can do when confronted with such a situation.




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