Home News A building in the Caserta area explodes, two elderly people under the rubble: having identified the woman, she is alive

A building in the Caserta area explodes, two elderly people under the rubble: having identified the woman, she is alive

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A building collapsed in Cancello Scalo, a fraction of the municipality of San Felice a Cancello, in the Caserta area. Firefighters are at work on site digging through the rubble looking for people who have been trapped; perhaps two elderly people were unable to escape and would have remained under the rubble while other tenants managed to escape. At the origin of the collapse there seems to be a gas leak that generated an explosion.

The searches

The firefighters have located, thanks to the molecular dogs, the exact spot of the rubble where the two elderly people who were trapped in the collapse of the building are located. Screams of recall, possibly of a 74-year-old woman, were heard coming from the rubble. In a short time it is hoped to be able to extract the missing. On the spot, the doctors are ready to check her condition and the ambulance that will take her to the hospital. The research of her husband, also 74, continues with the help of molecular dogs.

The witnesses

The explosion of San Felice a Cancello took place around 6.30, when the two elderly people who live in the collapsed building got up and turned on the light which, thanks to the gas that had now saturated the air in the house, acted as a detonator causing the strong explosion and subsequent collapse.

The woman identified under the rubble is 74 years old, as is her husband who has not yet been located by molecular dogs. Some people who live in the adjacent buildings, all who took to the streets, said they heard the roar and thought of a “strong earthquake”. “Everything shook,” they said with terror still in their voices.

The causes of the collapse

According to an initial reconstruction, a gas leak would be the cause of the collapse of the house. According to what was hypothesized by the carabinieri and the firefighters who intervened on the spot, the gas leak would have saturated one of the rooms of the house, in which the two spouses lived. When they woke up, probably by turning on a light, the explosion occurred which caused the collapse of the entire building.


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