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Abandoned and attractive area for vandals

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Abandoned and attractive area for vandals

In recent days the mayor of Vasto, Francis Menna and the Councilor for Heritage, Paula Cianci they again urged the YOURS Abruzzo – as contracting station for the modernization and redevelopment of the Vasto Bus Terminal – regarding the conclusion of the works.

“The situation is no longer tolerable, the Bus Terminal project from one retrainingwhich was supposed to make us take a leap in quality has turned into a derelict area attractive to vandals. And all this under the eyes of the competent Abruzzo Region together with YOUR for the realization of the work. We recall that the start of the works dates back to February 2021 and the end of the same was scheduled for August of the same year. An unacceptable delay – the mayor highlighted in the letter Menna and the assessor We babble – for one of the most important intermodal hubs in southern Abruzzo in relation to urban and suburban public transport services. Thanks to the center-left regional council led by Luciano D’Alfonso, the process was started by providing for our city a loan of 550,000 euros with the clear political direction to give the area the opportunity of a functional sustainable mobility hub. Instead, in these two years, changes have been made to the initial project, among which we especially mention the shelters which do not guarantee the user’s coverage from the weather, creating serious and considerable inconvenience to the users of the Bus Terminal.

“Furthermore – add Menna and Cianci – it is news of Tuesday, May 9, 2023, the serious act of vandalism perpetrated against the structure used as a ticket office which saw the walls breaking down, the destruction of some ceiling panels, and of the doors and electrical system with the detachment of the light switch covers. In condemning this act, the same denotes at the same time the urgent need to conclude the works, thus returning to the City of Vasto a worthy and adequate structure for the many users who frequent that area every day”.

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“In the hope that the tender savings on auction-based works will now not be used to repair the damage that the structure has suffered but to install additional shelters as requested in the January 26 note, we ask – the mayor and councilor are pressing – the improvement of the canopies already installed on the east side pedestrian platform with side panels, the repair of the damage that the structure used as a ticket office has suffered, the installation of video surveillance cameras of the entire area of ​​the Bus Terminal, the creation of horizontal signs and vertical, the installation of automatic barriers delimiting the bus station area, the stacking and usability of the building and the installation of further shelters on the pedestrian platform on the west side, functional and suitable above all in the event of adverse weather conditions . We therefore hope that the return of the work will take place before the start of the summer season”.

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