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Al Qaeda calls on “all Muslims in the world” to kill British Prince Harry: “Legitimate target”

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Prince Harry during his time as a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan. — © AFP

Al Qaeda has called on “all Muslims in the world” to kill Britain’s Prince Harry. This was reported by the German court. According to a situation report, several Islamist organizations worldwide are calling for attacks in support of Hamas and the people of the Gaza Strip.

Sunday, December 3, 2023 at 10:34 AM

The German state security report points out that several Islamist organizations are calling for jihad against “Western crusaders and Zionists” in response to the war in the Gaza Strip. However, German authorities are said to be particularly concerned about repeated calls for so-called ‘lone actor’ attacks on Jews and Christians in Western countries.

Last week, As-Sahab Media, the official media arm of the Al Qaeda leadership in Pakistan and Afghanistan, also reportedly issued a call to the world‘s Muslim population to “carry out bloody attacks and revolutions to destroy the Palestinians and Hamas.” to support,” which names Britain’s Prince Harry and the United States as priority targets. According to the German court, Al Qaeda views such attacks as “a symbolic act of revenge and punishment for all supporters of Israel.”

Harry is a target because he served twice as a helicopter pilot in the British Army in Afghanistan between 2007 and 2013. In his autobiography ‘Spare’, the prince revealed earlier this year that he said he had killed 25 Taliban fighters during that period. However, according to the Taliban, these were not fighters, but innocent civilians. “You didn’t kill pawns, you killed people. Families were waiting for their return,” it said at the time. “Harry’s execution is therefore a legitimate target,” Al Qaeda now writes.

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