Home News An award to Gaia, the brave lifeguard who saved three boys. The video interview: “I happen to relive those moments again”

An award to Gaia, the brave lifeguard who saved three boys. The video interview: “I happen to relive those moments again”

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The Municipality of Pieve di Soligo has awarded a recognition to the protagonist of a heroic act in Caorle

PIEVE DI SOLIGO. Unlike the cold blood shown that Tuesday, August 17, when he saved three very young bathers from the waters of the sea of ​​Caorle, on Tuesday the 18-year-old Gaia Barella was visibly more excited.

In the council chamber of Palazzo Vaccari, the municipal administration of Pieve di Soligo in fact wanted to pay homage to the very young lifeguard of the house with a plaque of merit. A recognition for the heroic gesture of which Gaia Barella became the protagonist, among the choppy waves of the sea of ​​Caorle, when, with the help of her colleague Andrea Fregolent from Silea, she saved the lives of three twelve-year-olds who risked being swallowed from the waters.

Gaia, do you ever think back to that day?

“Yes, it often happened to me to relive those moments and to wonder if I had operated and acted in the best way, or if I could have done even better. Fortunately, however, everything went well, so I take this opportunity to thank my first swimming teacher Lino and La Nostra Famiglia di Barbisano where I trained, my parents for allowing me to take this path and obviously my colleague Andrea Fregolent ».

Was it the first time you were in such an emergency situation?

“Yes, it was the first rescue experience.”

How did you manage to control the emotions in those excited moments?

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“The only thing to do, even if it is not easy, is not to be overwhelmed by emotions but think only of what needs to be done and act accordingly: everything else does not count”.

The ceremony, in which Gaia arrived accompanied by her parents, was attended by the municipal council, led by the mayor Stefano Soldan, the major marshal of the Carabinieri of Pieve di Soligo Alberto Boscolo and doctor Manuela Nascimbeni, director of La Nostra Famiglia di Barbisano in which Gaia Barella obtained the rescue license.

Mayor Soldan thanked Gaia for her work «Your gesture – the first citizen addressing the 18-year-old – makes us and our whole community proud. You are the example that today’s young people are not only those described as listless and disinterested, but that there are a large part with sound values ​​and principles ».

Thanks to which also joined, representing the opposition group, the exponent of the Lega Andrea Ros: “We are proud that a young citizen like Gaia Barella has distinguished herself for such an exemplary gesture”. Gaia Barella works for Service4swim, and obtained the rescue license last winter. He said that, in order to reach the boys in difficulty, he had to circumvent stormy sea conditions. Once over the cliff it was easier for her, with favorable wind and current, to reach the three children who, due to the difficult sea conditions, were no longer able to return to the shore. Thanks to the courage of Gaia and her colleague Andrea, the tragedy was averted.

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