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Appointed chief of hitmen of the Clan del Golfo captured for Meta, Casanare and Vichada – news

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Appointed chief of hitmen of the Clan del Golfo captured for Meta, Casanare and Vichada – news

These days the department is facing a period of climatic variability since, while in some areas an intense drought continues to be recorded, in other regions there is rain.

These fluctuations have caused the issuance of alerts by the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (Ideam), aimed at preventing emergencies and taking the necessary measures to minimize the impacts.

In the most recent report (February 12 and 13), that entity warns that 26 municipalities are under some degree of threat due to the possible occurrence of vegetation cover fires.

Gámeza, Cerinza, Duitama, Ramiriquí, Puerto Boyacá, Muzo, Almeida and Oicatá are on orange alert, while Belén, Boavita, Chiscas, Chita, Cómbita, El Cocuy, El Espino, Guacamayas, Güicán de la Sierra are on yellow alert. , La Uvita, Paipa, Panqueba, Rondón, Ráquira, San Mateo, San Miguel de Sema, Santa Rosa de Viterbo and Soatá.

Regarding the probability of landslides due to the instability of the terrain, Ideam indicates that three municipalities are on yellow alert. These are Cubará, Jericó and Paya.

Regarding the level of the rivers, the Ideam reports that several tributaries register significant decreases. This is the case of the Moniquirá River, near the capital of the province of Ricaurte. Likewise, the Chicamocha River, at the height of Duitama, Sotaquirá, Sogamoso, Paipa, Tibasosa, Chivatá, Cómbita, Firavitoba, Iza, Motavita, Oicatá, Soracá and Tuta, municipalities located in the upper part of the hydrographic subzone of that tributary and who suffer from the scarcity of water resources.

Additionally, Ideam warned of the possibility of significant drops in minimum air temperatures in the early morning hours, also known as frost, in 50 towns in Boyacá.

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The municipalities are Tunja, Aquitania, Arcabuco, Bethlehem, Beteiti, Busbanza, Caldas, Cerinza, Chiquinquira, Chivata, Cienega, Combita, Corrales, Cucaita, Cuitiva, Chiquiza, Duitama, Firavitoba, Foresta, Gameza, Iza, Villa de Leyva, Mongua , Monguy, Motavita, Nobsa, Oicata, Paipa, Peace of River, Fishing, Raquira, Savoy, Samaca, St. Michael of Sema, St. Rose of Viterbo, Siachoque, Socha, Sogamoso, Sora, Sotaquira, Soraca, Tasco, Tibasosa, Toca , Topaga, Tota, Tuta, Tutaza, Ventaquemada and Viracachá.

Source: Government of Boyacá

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